180 nautical miles all in a day’s work Mercury V8 Pro XS

TO most of us, Michael Guest has a dream job. As the host of Network Ten’s Reel Action, he gets to fish for a living, with his work taking him to some of the most spectacular angling spots across the country. But that doesn’t mean he and his crew – and his equipment – don’t have to work bloody hard.

“We’ve just finished a big trip chasing barramundi, giant trevally and reef fish in far north Queensland and we did a day that involved 180 nautical miles in our offshore boat,” Michael said.

“That was a mammoth effort – I’ve done nine seasons of Reel Action and that’s by far the biggest distance I’ve ever travelled in one day.”

Powering him that day was Mercury’s V8 4.6L 250hp Pro XS, which was recently fitted to his 7600 Yellowfin Centre Console. And it made it look easy.

“We’re pushing a boat that’s almost 8m long with five people and jammed full of camera gear, so we’ve got some weight – and this engine just ate up the miles,” he said.

“You can sit on 4200rpm and 30 knots all day and it doesn’t skip a beat.

“The throttle response and torque are just what you’d expect, but I was also shocked with just how quiet it is when it’s running.”

Mercury’s V8 engine platform with its class-leading 4.6L powerhead that delivers phenomenal torque weighs just 229kg. During testing, the 250hp Pro XS set new standards for high performance, outpacing the leading competitor by 20% for 0-32km/h (0-20m/h) acceleration under heavy load while also delivering up to 16% better fuel economy at cruise.

“The economy from the V8 has been exceptional,” Michael said.

“We used around 220L on that 180-mile trip, which is pretty awesome.”

His estuary boat – a Quintrex 590 Frontier Side Console – is also sporting a new Mercury 3.0L inline four-cylinder 150hp Pro XS after Michael’s recent decision to switch his engines after 13 years with another brand.

“The engines I buy are crucial for safety, reliability, performance and for making great television,” he said.

“Mercury was a good fit because they make a great engine and the close working relationship with Yellowfin made it even easier.”

The 150hp engine hasn’t had much work to do yet, but Michael has already been impressed with its strong pull through the rev range. However, it’s fair to say that it’s the V8 that puts the biggest smile on his face.

“I’m a former rally driver, so I just love the induction noise of a big engine starting up and the Mercury V8 absolutely makes the best sound,” he said.

“I’m probably guilty of stopping and starting more than I actually need to just so I can get my fix!” – Mercury Marine

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