Gary 'Squidgie' Palmer

Squidgie thinks he was born with a fishing line in hand. His father and uncles were mad-keen fishers and spearfishers, he learnt his trade in the Wollongong area as a kid and is still learning to this day in his current area of the far north coast of NSW. Bream and flathead are the main species Squidgie targets on soft plastics or hard-body lures. He hasn’t used bait in about 15 years. Any queries, just email or phone 0402 415 487.

Fun times at North Coast Fishing Bonanza

Changes to recreational fishing rules And with thousands of jobs on the line, creating more parks and closing existing ones will mean longer queues for the dole. Do the Greens really want NSW to become another Tasmania, which has just about become a welfare state. How many jobs has this radical group cost with its impact on the forestry industry, marine …

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