Beaut weather and big fish from Sunny Coast

Hi there Anglers,

We have had a lucky break this past week or so with the weather. Although the weather is picking up in the next few days the morning will be good to fish. The swell will be sitting around the 1m mark and the wind will range from about 10 to 15 knot as an average. Keeping you from overheating in the warm weather.

The fishing has been very productive onshore. The beaches have proven to be a great destination for some big Dart and Jew Fish. You have got to find the deeper channels and along Pt Cartwright there are a few. Use big baits to land a Jew. They love the Jumbo Pilly’s and strip baits. Mullet and Bonito are a popular hit. If you can catch live beach worms than fill a 5/0 hook and send it out as I believe this is the best bait I’ve used along the beaches. There are some big bream heading to the gutters now and the Dart are in good numbers still.

The river systems are productive with plenty of whiting, bream and flatties. My favourite area is Labalsa Park on Pt Cartwright. This location offers some great fish and the park on your back for those kids who lose a little interest and want to play. There are plenty of whiting to keep you interested with the bigger ones still there. A few large flatties were reported on mullet fillets on the sandy elbow near the mouth of the river. The rock wall has produced some thumping bream this week on the rising tide. My best pick for the baits are prawns, worms and mullet stips. This will give you a great range of fish to target as almost anything can be caught in the area. Minyama and Mooloolabah river systems do offer some great locations to fish. Best thing to do is explore as that’s what fish do.

The boaties have endured a great week on the water with some monster Spaniards hauled in. There are plenty of large spotties still in the area as well. The tuna have moved in and are plentiful. They are great fun on light line if you’re a sports angler. I have had many reports on the Z-Man 5’ Streakz Bubblegum on the tuna with a 3/8, 5/0 jig head. With the seasons merging there is a great variety of fish on offer. With the reef there are plenty of grassies and pearl perch on most of the reefs and marks. The snapper season is almost among us and the season should be a good one. There have been some great hauls through the summer. The Pro’s should be testing the waters in the coming weeks.

Here we have a nice Jew fish caught on mullet strips in the gutters of Pt Cartwright.
We have a Tuna caught on Smithy’s Charters

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