Centre console car topper from Ocean Craft

CALOUNDRA based boat builder Ocean Craft has recently come up with a new design for their Car Toppa range. The range now includes the option of a removable or fold-down centre console, which is a first for car toppers. The unique design offers boaties the choice of whether to run a tiller steer or centre console for their car topper boat.

Initially designed to meet the needs of a buyer wanting to place the boat underneath the boom on their sailing boat, it is now a standard option for all boat buyers. Having a console changes the perspective of this 3.3m boat and gives it more of a presence on the water with awesome visibility for the driver. The test was conducted with a tiller engine, as the owner of the boat intends to fit his own outboard which will be connected to the console.

Despite this, the functionality of the centre console is evident. In terms of how it works, you simply remove a pin and it folds down on hinges to lay flat. Alternatively, you can slide it out of the hinges and place it between the front casting platform and the seats. The console also provides a space for electronics such as a GPS or sounder unit.

Obviously, there would need to be an allowance for a little slack in the cable so it could be removed when the unit is folded down or removed, but it would work. Another advantage of the console is it provides a good spot to grab onto when getting in and out of the boat from a jetty or pontoon. Though these boats are exceptionally stable – with large buoyancy chambers – the position of the console provides that extra peace of mind when boarding.

Another addition to this boat is the tow point at the rear, which can be removed by undoing a couple of bolts. A request from the buyer, this increases the function of the Car Toppa. Extra rod holders will also be attached, making the boat extremely versatile for a mix of applications. Having the ability to customise your boat is a big advantage when buying a vessel and is a consideration for all potential purchasers.

Having your boat made exactly how you want it will translate to you getting more enjoyment out of it.

For more information about this boat and others from the Ocean Craft, visit oceancraft.com.au

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