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HAVEN’T written much lately be- cause there hasn’t
Southern Moreton Bay
You always expect to catch a couple of  sh when the Lowrance looks like this.
Simon’s dad with a  sh caught after learning how to read tides in different locations when  shing with lures.
been a lot going on around the southern bay islands.
There were a couple of days that stood out over the past month.
won’t look at your offering, so we were fishing as light as pos- sible.
I’ll choose my words carefully, but in the ar- eas that fish with the techniques I use, the fishing has been just a little slow.
The first was after I made a decision to chase small snapper with Dave around the bay islands.
With that said, it took a while to get the fish to the net, but Dave played it well and before long he had another nice 40cm squire in the net.
The activity has start- ed to pick up and there are a few more fish around the place, so hopefully it’ll get more consistent in the com- ing months.
We had planned to head towards the Jump- inpin area and chase flathead, but conditions were better for squire, and I’d had success in the same area last year.
We kept casting in this spot for a couple of hours and caught a lot of slightly undersized fish around 33cm in length to just legal size of around 35cm, which we returned to the wa- ter unharmed to fight another day.
Applying a more tar- geted approach with se- lect techniques on the right part of the tide, with a particular species in mind, has definitely caught more fish lately.
We headed to the spot that I thought would have plenty of fish, however when we got there the tide wasn’t quite right for what we wanted to do, so we waited patiently for the tide to reach the depth we were after.
Then Dave put in a nice cast and hooked- up to a great fish that got the drag on his ATC Virtuous 2000 scream- ing – it was an awesome fight on light gear.
I haven’t had that much time on the wa- ter this month, but even so I have managed to pick up quite a few nice southern bay fish on lures.
If we hadn’t got any sort of action from the fish after about an hour, we would have packed up and headed down to the Pin.
After only a short time we had another sizeable 52cm squire in the boat.
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Page 16 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing, November 2020
We cast a few soft plastics around for a while with no action but, about 45 minutes in, the tide was getting to the right depth and I hooked-up to a nice fish, which Dave fol- lowed up by nabbing a reasonable 52cm squire.
We caught a few more undersized fish suc- cessively, but then – as with all good sessions – everything slowed right down as the tide changed and a northerly breeze pushed in with the sun rise.
And it didn’t take long for Dave to hook-up to another quality fish.
The rest of the morn- ing session was quite slow, so we returned to the harbour at 11am and agreed it had been a great morning.
We were having a lot of fun fighting small model snapper because we were using only 6lb line.
The other memorable session I had this month was with two fishers down towards Jumpin- pin, when chasing a few flathead.
Over the years, I’ve found that in this par- ticular area, once you go up to 8, 10 or 12lb line, the fish become quite finicky and they
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