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The author got this nice little snapper casting a soft plastic into a school of  sh spotted on the sounder.
Maxy with one of the several snapper he caught casting soft plastics in southern Moreton Bay.
I organised the day to coincide with a cou- ple of reasonable sized tides to show them how to navigate through that area.
We had a great session over the next hour or so and we caught plenty of just legal and slightly undersized fish.
Knowledge is the key
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areas to target flatties
to have a short session with my young son Maxy.
good little battle on the light tackle and Maxy scooped it up in the net.
and a few new tech- niques.
We didn’t particularly want to get up bright and early to head out fishing on the day, and we checked that we’d have the right tide need- ed to target a few squire at around 9.30am.
It was a strictly catch and release day, so while we didn’t meas- ure anything, we were sure it was around 45cm.
Simon and his dad – who normally use bait and had previously had very limited success with lures – wanted to work around Cabbage Tree Point in Jacobs Well.
So, we didn’t hit the water until 9am, which is considered a bit late for chasing this particu- lar species in the south- ern bay.
Max took a couple of quick photos and then we released it.
Page 18 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing, November 2020
I also showed them a few places where flat- head were likely to be found, and we trolled with hard-bodies and casted soft plastics.
We stuck by our deci- sion that if the tide was right, the fish would still be there.
Max got himself into a few nice southern bay island squire, which were all around 38- 40cm.
On this particular day, the fish didn’t want the soft plastics and we could only get a reaction out of them by trolling hard-bodies, but the fishers picked up quite a few nice fish to take home for tea and had learned a lot along the way.
We got to the area and, after having a little sound around with the Lowrance, we spotted a few fish on the bottom.
These fish gave him a great fight on the light gear and I’m al- ways a proud father to watch him catch a few fish, but before long the tide started to slow, and everything stopped biting.
A good day was had by all of us.
It didn’t take too long before we were catch- ing a few undersize fish, which is still good fun on light 6lb gear.
I said to Max we should try to get a cou- ple of flathead, now that the tide was right to chase them.
We deployed the elec- tric, put the spot-lock on and started making a few casts.
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I was lucky enough
After a short wait, I hooked-up to a nice fish that gave me a
He was pretty keen
Dave with a nice 52cm snapper caught casting soft plastics.
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