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Jet boated an absolute beast of a 65kg yellow n tuna after an epic 50-minute battle.
Tackling Moreton Bay
Wn Pelagics n Snapper n Flathead
You could tell how proud he was of Jet, starting and finishing the job at hand without help, which was there if needed.
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Dave from Sandbar Charters hit Pumicestone Pas- sage and trolled the new Nomad Styx Minnow do- ing a fair amount of damage to the local  athead population.
E certain- ly had the weather
Northern Moreton Bay
The taxman appeared to lower his rates for Drew, taking only a small slice of his snapper.
Page 26 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing, November 2020
Adam and Jet headed off Cape Moreton with a couple of friends on one of the better days to do a bit of trolling around.
I talked to Jet’s dad Adam and he ran through the battle se- quence blow for blow.
I know I’ve hooked-
turn on for a week or so during the recent school holidays and the fish even decided to play the game as well.
even thinking of having a break – Jet boated an absolute beast of a 65kg yellowfin tuna.
Pre-trained old  shing gear!
We will come to you if you have bulk gear!
0402 703 519
They found big mahi mahi in plague propor- tions and had to move a few times to avoid them.
It was a good thing they did because not long after ditching the excess baggage, young Jet hooked-up an abso- lute screamer that de- cided to go deep on the first run.
Jet didn’t even get a chance to take his jack- et off as the huge beast kept the pressure on.
After a 50-minute ep- ic battle with the brute – cooking with his jacket on and not let- ting up for a second or

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