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COVID can’t be blamed for
condition of local waterways
Rn Snapper n Pearl perch
ECENT trips offshore have seen more days
Dan Williams was all smiles with the quality of this pearl perch from 85m off Moreton Island.
Made by a Brisbane- based company, a Klik sinker is of a hinged clam shell type design that opens to allow it to
More to contend with in the Rous Channel, eastwards from the junction of the small
of slight current, which has resulted in good snapper being caught on the 29, 33 and 35-fath- om reef lines.
be slid onto the line and clicked together without the need for knots.
on snapper.
Paternoster rigs of the
While I haven’t had snapper success beyond this depth lately, the quality of pearl perch in depths anywhere from around 75-105m has more than made up for this.
If the sinker size is too big or too small, simply open the sinker hinge and replace it instantly – without the need to cut and re-tie the leader.
triple surgeon’s knot va- riety have been the go on pearl perch and black spot pigfish found out deeper.
Float lining for bet- ter snapper has been es- sential and what worked very well for me were the Klik sinkers.
A large strip of mul- let or a large squid half hitched in place onto a single 8/0 Mustad UltraPoint Demon cir- cle hook to make the bait swim, and fed a considerable distance down the water column with the bail arm open, has been the deadliest float-lining technique
Of particular concern for anyone who has tried to head out to the South Passage Bar from Manly – and this region throughout the year – has been the atrocious placement of the naviga- tion aids.
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Gowhereverand wheneverthefish arebiting
Made in Australia for our
tough marine environments Photo courtesy of Australian Master Marine
For product information and the name of your Nearest authorised dealer contact Graham HyDrive Engineering Pty Ltd - Queensland
Unit 12, 73-75 Shore Street Cleveland 4163 Tel:- 07-38216580
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