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Flathead can be found around the Pig Sties, Kalin- ga Bank and the Gold Coast Seaway.
Jig heads in the 0.75-1.5oz range, 7” plastics and soft vibes account for many big model  athead.
Page 34 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing, November 2020
It’s the best time of the year for chasing that monster or even a new personal best.
Slow lifts of the rod tip and a drop back to the bottom are all that are required to attract fish.
sensitive graphite rod and a reel with 2kg of super smooth drag.
Tips for trophy WGold Coast fish
n Snapper n Flathead
So many new plas- tics, hard-bodies and vibes make their way to the shelves of tackle shops every year, and the attraction of nail- ing the big one on a lure is definitely on the list of things to do this month.
Make sure you can feel the lure working.
Remember to rip a little off in your hand every now and then to make sure it hasn’t stuck.
Quite a number of boats will be fishing the popular areas and a few of the biggest flathead competitions are run at this time as well.
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The author scored an awesome couple of snapper, which are in abundance from Cape Moreton to the NSW border.
ITH big flathead on the
Gold Coast
minds of many south- east Queensland an- glers, it’s an obvious choice to try a few new spots and tech- niques.
the drift, especially on days when the wind picks up.
all that’s needed. Ensure you have a
Spooling with 8-10lb braid is a good start, and a 10lb or occa- sionally 15lb fluoro- carbon leader about 1m or so in length is
Bust-offs happen be- cause of stuck drags.
Jig heads in the 0.75- 1.5oz range and 7” plastics are good op-
The deep-water jig- ging technique in ar- eas such as the Pig Sties, Kalinga Bank and the Gold Coast Seaway are always very popular – it is a super effective way of getting hooked-up to a 70, 80, 90cm or even larger fish.
The best times to fish are as the tide run slows, so that the lures stay vertical under the boat.
A bow-mount elec- tric motor is a gun tool for controlling

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