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IBrunswick bubble but bream, snapper biting
LOVE spring. caught on location, the the lower reaches pro- It can be a hard good old pilchard has ducing thumping bream
Tweed to Byron Bay
time of the year to worked just as well as and plenty of them.
fish offshore but with anything else. With this article dead-
the weather warming up, I feel inspired to get into the estuaries and chase a few of the sum- mer critters that prefer warm water.
begin to rise dramati- cally in the mid to up- per reaches.
Though initially, snapper fishing was very slow inshore at Brunswick Heads.
Lucky the snapper turned up because eve- rything else in close has been very quiet.
line looming, I sug- gested to Keira that we head down to the har- bour to catch a bream for a photo.
Of course, mangrove jack are high on most fish wishlists, and while I don’t chase them nearly as hard as I used to, they are still my favourite fish.
The recent winter and spring season crossover threw up several good fishing species, but two were standouts.
In fact, very slow was an understatement.
Jewfish are rare enough that you may as well fish for them in your back- yard – you’ll catch just as many and won’t have to wash the boat!
She was keen as al- ways and while I didn’t think it would take long, it was much quicker than expected.
This coming month is a great time to look for red emperor, as the water temperature will
Offshore, both regions produced awesome snapper fishing.
While mostly tak- ing live and fresh baits
As opposed to off- shore, jew are getting around in the river as they tend to do in spring.
In the rivers, bream dominated in both numbers and quality on the Brunswick and Tweed rivers.
Last month, I reported that a few were begin- ning to filter in and since then a few good knobbies and squire have been kicking around, from the local up to Black Rocks.
I’m sick of saying there are no cobia, so I’ll get off that horse.
She flicked the bait in with only a tiny sinker running right to the hook and a dozen big bream came racing out from under the jetty, and she hooked the one pictured.
I have mentioned them a lot over the past few years, and as Brad Smith has his finger on that pulse more than I do and has been giving red hot advice in his articles, I’ll leave the details to him.
It put up a great fight on light tackle but Kei- ra got the better of it and we released it after the pic was snapped.
Snapper took a while to come in close but hopefully they hang around.
Bream are still in good quantity and size in the lower reaches of the Tweed River.
Page 44 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing, November 2020
Though even the darker flesh models are good – fresh or as sashimi.
With the bubble now extended to include Brunswick Heads, the place was packed over the long weekend and theoretically, the bream should have been shier but they were clearly hungry.
Trevally species are moving back into the estuaries, which is awe- some as they are one of my favourite estuary sportfish.
I asked Keira if she wanted to keep fishing but she said there was no point hurting the fish for no reason.
I don’t mind them for a feed either, particu- larly giant trevally be- cause their flesh is a little less red.
Often the first bream is the easiest to catch and they shut down af- ter that but I threw in a little bait as berley and the bream continued to smash it.
Job done!
Back to the bream I mentioned earlier.
Normally, the numbers drop off by mid-spring but lucky for us they are still going strong and sizes have been getting better as the late season continues.
We left them to eat the rest of the bait for free.
The lower reaches of the Tweed around any of the rock walls are fish- ing well for bream and a few should start moving upstream very soon.
The offshore snapper run should continue because often, when they come in late, they can hang around until Christmas.
The same can be said at Brunswick Heads, with
Let’s hope so and let’s also hope for good gaps in the weather. www.bnb
I hope this amazing run of bream continues for a while longer.

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