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You saw it here  rst folks, Mischa in the infamous unicorn onesie.
Yamba angler Guy Hemmers continued to land good  sh offshore with one effort resulting in this nice king sh.
Page 48 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing, November 2020
will, but it definitely rates as a ‘you had to be there’ moment, and we are both glad we were.
As we were getting into the car to leave for the wall, Mischa came out and jumped in wearing – you guessed it – Rebekah’s onesie.
Rebekah snagged this tarwhine around Goodwood Island on a worm bait while  shing for whiting.
Lessons from Lisa Simpson and a unicorn
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We probably never
unicorn, you should at least dress like one.
After these two events, I can definitely say 11kg jew are abso- lutely dumb beyond be- lief, I am forever thank- ful that it was pitch black on both nights, and finally that ‘arse beats class’ every time, hands down.
The Lisa rod is now officially in retirement and hangs proudly on Mischa’s wall.
I tell you now that if Ted and I not already had our seatbelts on, we would have fallen out of the car laughing.
On the fishing front the big news is that whiting have finally moved into the Clar- ence River in large numbers and while most anglers fish for these tasty critters dur- ing the day, I prefer to fish for them at night, when the smaller pick- ers are less prevalent
A couple of weeks af- ter, Ted called in for a coffee before we head- ed out to the breakwall for a fish, and we were talking about the rub- bish on social media and people complain- ing how hard it was to catch a jewfish.
In short, the night ended up with Ted and I scoring our usual zilch diddly-squat nothing, but of course Mischa ended up snaring an 11kg fish on a soft plas- tic lure – while wearing the now infamous uni- corn outfit.
Mischa mentioned that one bloke had even said catching a unicorn would be easier than catching a jew.
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This Lisa Simpson rod has been retired since Mis- cha landed an 11.1kg jew sh on it.
No sooner had the words come out of his mouth when his girl- friend Rebekah came into the room – wearing a unicorn onesie.
I quipped to him that that was exactly what he needed to wear to catch a jew because if you wanted to catch a

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