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Phil with a 38cm bream caught during the SCF competition.
Their aggressive na- ture, speed and bad at-
Scaling down the gear you’re using is one way to hook more fish, but it can also see you getting busted off a lot more.
One of the sharks captured that helped take out the shark category.
The lights attract the bait and the bait attracts the fish.
Jack just around the corner
An SCF competition report
S a general rule the month of November will
Local Luring
mean very hot days for southeast Queensland.
titude can see anglers getting very addicted to chasing the ‘red dogs’ during warmer months.
we decided to chase a range of species instead of trying to take out the biggest.
And the hot weather translates to the water temperature rising in rivers and creeks, so mangrove jack will be in full swing.
The rivers and creeks were very clean at the time of writing.
We had a good game plan leading up to the event, but the weather was terrible.
Jack are a very popu- lar target at this time of year.
This can make getting a bite from a jack much more difficult.
Fishing started at midnight on the Fri- day and our strategy was to try the Bribie Island Bridge for a few species, but with wind gusts of over 30 knots blowing straight up Pumicestone Passage, it was nearly unfishable.
Targeting jack at night is another way to get them to bite while the water is clean.
The next morning, we pulled the pin on the passage and moved to the Caboolture River, which was the southern boundary for the com- petition.
Jack move around quite a bit at night and leave their crusty homes to feed on bait- fish.
Fishing around lights that are shining into the water can work really well.
It proved to be a good move because during the morning we nailed a couple of jack, flat- head, bream, more flat- ties and a small jewfish.
The author and a nice mangrove jack taken on a Zerek FishTrap.
Page 60 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing, November 2020
There are plenty of categories to try and win in this comp, and
I’ve caught a lot of sharks in the Cabool- ture River over the
Jack won’t be far away, especially if there is good structure, such as bridge pylons or rocks.
After dark, we decid- ed to chase sharks.
I have heard the Bu- reau of Meteorology mention that we are in for a wet spring, so hopefully the rain turns up this month and we can look forward to ex- cellent jack action. SCF competition
There was a real- time online scoreboard to check and see what catch was needed to be top of each category.
This year my friend Phil and I fished the SCF competition based on the Sunshine Coast.
We missed a heap of small sharks that night due to the heavy gear we were using.
Only one shark had been caught at that point, so we floated out a couple of pieces of freshwater eel.
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