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The author with a crab.
The fishing in close off Noosa and Double Island is great at the moment.
Fisheries need to do a blitz and clean the thieving lowlives out – like they have at Tin Can Bay.
The amazing little Shark WCat that ate up the sea
ITH Novem- ber around the corner,
Noosa to Fraser Coast
we might be in for an early flood or good rainfall soon.
But if we get a flood in November, the mud crabs leave the big lake and head down the Noosa River.
and gave them a clean, which made the motors run super sweet.
I am sort of torn – I want the rain because it fills my tanks, and flushes out the creeks and rivers.
There are way too many ‘share’ farmers down there for me to risk putting my crab pots in.
He then changed the leg oil on both and sort- edoutthewiringbefore he fit his GPS and Fu- runo FCV-628 sounder, and new VHF aerial on top of the canopy to get distance at sea.
Page 62 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing, November 2020
He pulled the carbu- retors off both motors
We didn’t go far – only about 40km – because we wanted to see how much fuel it burned.
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Ryan in his 5.56m Shark Cat.
Big storms will start to come through bring- ing more northerly wind, so overnighters will be harder to do.
As you know, the run out wide of DI and Fraser Island has kicked in, though it’s still worth a try in case it’s not running that day for whatever reason.
With that done, we did a few trips on the Noosa River and up to Tin Can Bay to build confidence in the motors.
The whales are head- ing home, thank good- ness.
The previous owner had 4-blade alloy props on it and the motors couldn’t rev out, but it came with two old stain- less steel 3-blade props.
But the pelagics will show up soon, which means more sharks.
Ryan put them on and – you little ripper – it was hitting the correct revs per minute and be- came a totally differ- ent boat, with heaps of power out of the hole.
And we fit the right propellers again, as it came with two sets.
Jack just around the corner
* from P60
years, with a few solid bullies among them, soIdidn’twanttofish too light.
another small jewie. As both were unsuc- cessful, we pulled the pin and went to the presentation held up the coast at Nightcap
competition and took home a new GoPro.
We gave up after a couple of hours and had a sleep.
at Waterfront Hotel. The presentation was entertaining, with plenty of drinks and
The prizes are ex- cellent in this com- petition and you can take it as seriously as you want.
The next morning was nice and calm, so we had another go at chasing sharks and caught two small models in the 90cm range straightaway.
Several excellent fish were caught over the two-day event.
The rest of the morn- ing was spent chasing a threadfin salmon or
out the shark section and Phil missed out on the bream section by one centimetre.
We had plenty of fun and I’m sure we’ll be back next year to have another go.
laughs flowing.
I ended up taking
If you want to see the results, jump on their website and have a look.
We also won the best video for the
On the fishing front, I did one trip offshore since coming home from Weipa.
We loaded up his 3L Toyota Hilux, hooked the boat on and headed to Tin Can Bay.
My friend Ryan Kauki- ainen, who used to come out with me when he was younger and I was pro fishing, has bought his first boat.
We dropped the boat in and went down the bay at 23 knots – the Shark Cat purred along nicely.
He now owns a 5.56m Shark Cat with canopy and clears, and twin 90hp 2-stroke Yamaha outboards on the back.
We crossed the bar and though it was blow- ing 10-15 knots north- east, we were doing 18 knots straight into the wind while I was sitting down!
Ryan had to do a bit of work to the motors as they were running rough.
I love Cats.

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