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Dave hooked a nice tusk sh on a Palms Slow Blatt Cast Oval micro jig lure.
Dave jigging again, this time snaring a tasty moses perch.
Gordie was happy with his fat mack tuna.
T the time of writing, tuna have slowly
Tuna turn it on Ain Hervey Bay
Lorinda and a typical spring longtail tuna.
Fraser Guided Fishing
made a start in the bay. Though the catches have been quite patchy and not in substantial numbers, there have been enough all the
than 90cm in length. Don’t be put off be- cause the odd big fish
know when you’ll be taxed.
The majority are
has been around too. The bait they are feed- ing on is quite small and it’s not in copious quantities, so they are
Working your butt off against wind and wave, every bite counts, and to lose a hook-up to sharks can be demoralising.
mack tuna, though a few longtail have made their presence felt in mixed schools, with most fish being less
not fussy eaters – yet. Small surface lures and soft plastics have been key for hooking
Being positive and having a laugh will help keep you motivated.
Without the tuna, I
On a recent tour, I had a group of fish- ers who insisted we go out in tough fishing and weather conditions.
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Page 68 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing, November 2020
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would have had a few tough days because sharks had set up camp where I had previously been catching fish on deep presentations.
I agreed, not knowing their ability or durabil- ity in rough weather.
So, I had to buckle down for a few tours and work the fish I saw on the Lowrance.
But they were fore- warned and were willing to accept the terms the weatherhaddealtus.
Because occasionally, the fewer the numbers of fish, the lesser the chance of a shark tak- ing up residence too.
We lost an early bite to a shark at the end of the fight – it was a large trevally.
Even then, you never
I decided it would be
We left the sharks and found a few very flighty tuna.

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