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Darren with a nice jew sh.
Poddy mullet and live prawns are the bait of choice for catching jew sh.
HE Brisbane River is home to a huge array of
Tim Vincent and his river jew sh coming in at over 1m.
Targeting big jewfish iTn Brisbane River
Moreton Bay
fish including bream, flathead, snapper, cod, king threadfin salmon and jewfish.
jew locations.
There are many lit ar-
If the tide allows, a simple rig of a running 2-ball sinker straight to a 6/0 or 7/0 circle hook should do the trick.
The trick with the riv- er is knowing how and where to target these species.
eas throughout the river allthewayuptoSt Lucia, therefore mov- ing from light source to light source will help you find fish.
Though if the tide is pushing hard, you may need extra weight or a downrigger to keep your bait in the strike zone.
In this article I’ll cover how to catch big jew- fish, as there are less soapies around later in the year.
Jewfish and threadies are attracted to these ar- eas while chasing bait.
An electric motor can also be an advantage when chasing these fish as you can control your drift.
It is very important to keep an eye out for baitfish, deep holes and drop-offs as this is where the fish will be holding.
If fishing the Port of Brisbane, be aware of the 30m-exclusion zone around the terminals.
Areas to try include Cameron Rocks, Clara Rock and Sir Leo Hiels- cher Bridges (formerly the Gateway Bridge).
The minimum size for jewfish in Queensland is 75cm with a posses- sion limit of two, and in the areas outlined above you will catch soapies through to jewfish over 1m in size.
If using braid, have at least about 1.5m of 40lb fluorocarbon leader.
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The mouths of Boggy Creek, Bulimba Creek and Breakfast Creek are also worth check- ing out.
Larger jew can be caught all year round but the best times are from winter through to December.
Be sure to check your bait every 10-15 min- utes, as there is nothing worse than having the line in the water for half an hour or more with no bait on it.
Even the mouth of Norman Creek will produce jewfish on oc- casion.
Prime bite times are overcast days, early morning, dusk and at night time.
It is also important to set your drag light – I set it around 1.5-2kg.
Drop-offs around the container terminals and across the opposite side the river are prime
Aim to drift over deep edges, drop-offs, holes and along rock walls.
Live bait such as pod- dy mullet, herring and prawns are a few of the best baits for catching jewfish and these can be found in the river.

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