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Matt showing how it’s done.
A healthy Somerset bass.
We have been spend- ing a fair amount of time throwing punch
The main basins of the dam have been quite difficult, with hit and miss sessions.
Chloe’s third birthday present – her This  sh fell to a Dave’s lure.  rst bass with dad.
Bass and saratoga Sshine at Somerset Dam
UMMER is just around the corner, so we should start
Somerset Dam
seeing super hot surface action at the back of the dam, with regular catch- es of saratoga and bass.
rigs and skirted jigs in the timber regions of the dam – these have been exciting catches as the strikes are violent and hard.
reduces your chance of losing to a snag and improves your hook-up rate.
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Page 90 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing, November 2020
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Spinnerbaits and lip- less crankbaits have been successful on catches – these were large quantity fish ses- sions, and you will work a little harder for the catch but the fight is super exciting.
It has been producing better catches in the af- ternoon, and fish have been caught suspended in 15m depths.
This area is friendlier for a boat that doesn’t run spotlock or for a kayak, because the wa- ter is usually calmer and there’s less wind to deal with.
Trolling Dave’s lures and Voodoo lures have been super successful due to the tight wobble action.
My favourite lures this month would have to be the Jackall TN60 in Brown Dog, Impact PML S-Bait spinner- bait in Cicada and the highly anticipated bass alternative punch rig.
Colours haven’t been a super standout but if you were to ask my team at the shop, they would tell you the Halco RMG in black/silver – we have specially made – and the Voodoo in PG Lime are the top picks.
If you’re concerned about loosing an expen- sive lipless crankbait, my advice is to remove all the trebles and place a 2/0 single hook under the belly, this greatly
Halco Twisty lures and Palms Slow Blatt Cast Oval Micro Jig lures in the wide 30g have been great on schooling bass, as we’ve had reports of good catches on Nories Wasaby spoons and Gibbs Mini G1 spoons.
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