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Duncan Phipps and a monster 125cm Mur- ray cod caught on a Jackall Gigantarel.
Fritz White caught a good-sized cod on a Garra Lure, withTerry Marshall behind.
Charlie Lane with a nice yellow- belly.
John Clancy caught this cod on a surface lure.
This being the case
The rivers over the past four months have had a reasonable flow, which has helped peo- ple on the land, but all areas need good cover- age of rain as soon as possible.
Fishing action set to heat up
Glenlyon Dam
A S you read this month’s arti- cle we hope to see access to all states
cod mums and dads to feed up for the next sea- son’s breeding format.
we will be able to travel to Tenterfield via Min- goola Station Rd for the first time in three and a half months.
No gates, no bollards and closed season on the Queensland side of the border finished for this year.
Fishing-wise – well, it will pick up as the weather warms up.
At the time of writ- ing, storage at Glenlyon Dam was at 15 per- cent capacity, with cod sightings all through the dam over the past two months – it has been good to see.
It’s a change of for- mat for most anglers, and lures that dive to 5m will pick up feed- ing cod.
It is now time for both
We hope to put into action a research trip on the Dumaresq River in the near future.
I can’t say heaps of shrimp can be caught for bait because they have not showed up yet.
A great place to fish!
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• Amenities Blocks and Laundry • BBQs • Hire Boats • EFTPOS
• Fishing Permits
14 CABINS bookings necessary
Contact Debbie or Brian Dare for more information or for bookings Ph: 02 6737 5266 E:
It is important to see if recruitment has been taking place in river ar- eas that have been dry for the past three years.
I will contact those on our research team to advise the date, once it’s set.
Meanwhile, for fish- ers such as myself who love to use a canoe on the rivers, it will be the end of November in NSW before that takes place for me.
And it is still closed season south of the bor- der.
Page 94 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing, November 2020
To whet your appetite, we have put together a couple of photos of cod and yellowbelly caught at the dam here and soon to come, river footage from our re- gional area.

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