Gold Coast fishing well before crazy weather

We had a good weekend and start to the week on the Gold Coast with plenty of fishing being done until the low moved down from up north dumping heavy rain and bringing strong winds as well on Thursday. Hopefully it doesn’t hang around too long and we see some better weather over the weekend.

Lucky customers that got out last weekend and during the week before the rain did well finding a good range of species to target.

The Mangrove Jack Anglers comp saw lots of anglers out in the Coomera River near work trying their luck, from reports lots of quality Jacks were on the chew with fairly reasonable numbers of fish being caught. Estuary Cod and Trevally were a common by catch and are very welcome if the fishing is slow. The Coomera River has been in good condition after the rain the last couple of weeks still holding bait, it will be very interesting to see how it goes after the latest deluge as the weir has been overflowing for the past 2 weeks.

Customers have been landing some great feeds of quality Whiting throughout the Broadwater and Jumpinpin during the week. The Coomera River north and south arm, Pimpama River, Crab Island, Paradise Point, Green Bank, Gold Bank, Bedrooms, Jacobs Well and The Logan River are fishing well before the rain. Worms and Yabbies make great bait, I recommend using a size 6 bait holder hook, size 4 to 5 ball sinker and a long trace of 6lb fluorocarbon leader for best results.

Houseboat customers found some good schools of Tailor around the Pin Bar mouth, Tiger Mullet Channel and up Canaipa Passage this week on the run in tide.   Best baits were whole WA pilchards, White Pilchards and strips of Mullet Fillet. Towing Hard body lures is a good option & help to cover as much ground as possible to locate schools of Tailor.  Once located throwing metal slugs and surface walkers are a great way to get them chewing.

With all the fresh run off from the latest downpour it will be a bit of a lottery as where to go but heading closer the river mouth intersections or close to the ocean entrances will be worth a go once the weather settles.

Our customers found plenty of Sand Crabs around the main channels near Wave Break Island, Crab lsand, The Aldershots, Bedrooms, Tiger Mullet Channel, Whalleys Gutter and Canaipa Passage. Hopefully the flush will also get some more Mud Crabs on the move they were a bit quiet this week so far.  Coomera Houseboat Holidays/Coomera Bait & Tackle now have Hire Tinnies follow the link to view

Seabreeze is a great website to access a local forecast

At the time of writing my report we will see strong Southerly winds on Friday before easing back to moderate SE winds Saturday and Sunday. Most of the rain should be gone by Friday but we will see plenty of run off. Play it safe and make sure you have the most up to date forecast before heading out.

If you have any great catches to report or fishing photos please email them to    Good luck with the Fishing.  Brett

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