oyster reef
Shellfish reefs improve water quality.

Help map oyster reefs

NSW DPI Fisheries needs your help to map our oyster reefs!

Oyster reefs are important habitats which have almost completely disappeared from our marine landscape.

DPI Fisheries is building a picture of what’s left through mapping current shellfish reef across the state. Information from the community is helping this so if you know the location of a reef, please report it through our Shellfish Reef Reporter citizen scientist tool at https://fal.cn/3b517

Have you seen shellfish reefs in NSW?

The Marine Estate Management Strategy’s Oyster Reef Restoration Project is collecting information on shellfish reefs in NSW. You can contribute by reporting shellfish reef sightings (at least 5m2 in size and at least 2 layers thick). Please use a separate survey for different reefs.


Check out the new oyster washing facility for Moreton Bay!

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