Mossops Cleveland fishing report 05/03/2015

I think I will start with an apology for no reports over the last few weeks as the weather conditions got the better of everyone, even the keenest of anglers.

However, on the brighter side of what we experienced over the last couple of weeks, the rain will bring the bait out of the creeks.

As I said in my last report – the professional fisherman said we need at least 200mm of rain for the bay to be more productive and it has been, especially with the bait supply picking up and the amount of larger predators being caught in the bait nets.

With the lack of fishing information due to the weather today’s locations are just a guide for the weekend.

The northern end of the bay is worth looking at for Tuna, Spotty Mackerel and Cobia.

Tuna and Cobia love a live bait, the beacons should provide the bait you require.

Presenting your live bait under a balloon is a common technique and an exciting way to fish, if you have no luck with live bait a variety of dead baits will work with Slimy Mackerel being my favourite.

The Sand Hills is always worth a look for Whiting as is the Rous.

In these two locations the variety of fish you may encounter are Spotty Mackerel, Flathead and Snapper.

As you head up the Rous keep an eye on you sounder as there are some good ledges to fish for Snapper especially after bad weather.

The sandcrab population has increased dramatically over the last fortnight with some very impressive catches being reported from the deeper channels in the bay.

With any fishing the secret is berley – I cant say how important it is to cube up some pilchards or use a frozen berley log.

It is always good to get out and have a fish as I did last Sunday night and the jacks have been on the bite on the Gold Coast, check out Davies 60cm Jack and in three trips we lost 9 and caught 8.

All the fish were caught on bait such as Gar, Poddy Mullet, and salted Bonito fillet.

This week I will include a report from my sponsored angler Warren. His insight to fishing the bay is priceless and he will bring a lot to this report.

“Many people say they are sick of the rain but many fishermen know it can create good results for fishing as well as crabbing. We set our pots 3 days after the rain had pushed out of the rivers and creeks and after 2 lifts we had enough crab to feed everyone. Crab pots used where the heavy duty Wilson pots which can be purchased at Mossops. And choice of bait was a big mack tuna we caught offshore a few months ago. So get out there and get yourself a feed. “

Also over the next two weeks I will include Rhys Dean in the report. Rhys is a very keen local angler and fishes the local canals and southern bay.

If you catch a fish email me a picture to, if you need a question answered email me and I will reply as soon as possible.

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