Caleb and Dex Lloyd won the $100.00 Tackle World Noosa/ChaseBaits Fish of the Week prize with this quality Noosa River mangrove jack.

Noosa fires after heavy rains

Spanish mackerel and coral trout from a recent Trekka 2 charter to Chardon’s and Sunshine reefs.

With the start of the week providing blustery and wet conditions it felt like it was here to stay. Although this stopped a lot of anglers from heading out it did give the seas a break from boat traffic. The flooding rains have pushed a lot of bait out into the bays and as predicted the longtail have followed. Nearing the full moon the entire coastline had longies or longtail tuna showing up gorging themselves. This is of course the time where anyone with a boat can catch anything from a 2kg to a huge 20+kg fish. Having the correct equipment is important and as a great all-rounder look at snapper rods around 5-8 and 6-10kg rating. These will mostly handle cast weights around 45 grams but have enough backbone to make fighting them enjoyable rather than a chore.

Other reef fish are sweetlip and snapper around the 50-60cm size. These are the perfect eating size and will take a wide range of soft plastics, jigs up to 80 grams in shallower waters and even soft vibes like the Zerek fish trap. Keep leaders around 20-25lb especially as the seas start to clear up and use fluorocarbon for its resistance to abrasion. Remember if using braid, you need to learn a knot to tie your leader on. If you need help with this be sure to pop in and ask us how.

Surf fishing is producing the usual dart and bream with the occasional tailor and trevally. As we push closer to cooler weather now is the time to practice your rigging skills for making gang hooks and paternoster rigs for the run of bigger fish. If you have never tried slide baiting then this is the time of year where mackerel and longtail tuna are a great target and will provide some blistering runs. Come in and take a look at our wide range of surf rods for all styles of fishing including Alvey and long cast.

The Noosa River as expected is running brown from all the rains. While it is like this you are best to focus your attentions around the mouth and the various points as things start to clear up. Flathead continue to feature and as always will take a huge array of lures and baits. Snelling whole whitebait and hardy heads is a great way to fish. Using the weight of the bait only you can cast these up current and let them drift along. While drifting maintain a slow retrieve so you feel the bite and can set the hook. Another option is the soft vibe in smaller sizes. As previously mentioned these not only work well offshore but in the river with flatties and trevally 2 species that take these lures.

Away from the river the freshwater scene is still calming down from the rains. Lake MacDonald reached over 110% capacity and saw the spillways pumping a lot of water downstream. While it is like this the bass will be sitting deep and can be hard to tempt. Reducing presentations to the smallest 2 inch soft plastics or blades may trigger a bite. Lake Borumba continues to sit below 80% capacity. Although this sounds high the timbers are claiming boat props daily as anglers refuse to go slow once beyond the float line. The bass are schooling up in the main basin and can be hard to get a bite from so much like Lake MacDonald you will have to cycle through your lure box to trigger a bite.

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