Pelagics moving into Moreton Bay

The Diver Whiting have been a little scarce this week on the Chain Banks and in the Rous Channel; they have been in slightly better numbers at the Sand Hills.

The pelagic fish have started to show in the bay with reports of Spotty Mackerel and Long Tail Tuna being caught North of Peel Island.
The Hope Banks are worth a look – last season the Tuna were caught in good numbers around Goat Island and South of Peel.
If you want to target these fish you have to be prepared to put in the time and some hours on your outboard chasing these fish, after putting in the effort to find the Tuna, the next decision you have to make is to what to tie on your leader – the Keitech 4′ easy shiner in white on an 1/8 once jig head has proven very popular.
Your next hurdle is to cast such a light weight any distance, you need a 7 to 7″6′ rod in the 15-40 lb range and a 4000 size reel with a quality drag system – an entry level combo would be a Wilson Magnum and ATC reel.
With the favourable weather over last weekend and during the week, offshore was fished with some mixed results of Pearl Perch, Squire, Spanish Mackerel and Dolphin Fish.
Now have a look at the 20kg fish weighed in at the shop this week – this fish was caught at the Wave Rider on a piece of defrosted Squid. If you want a fish weighed, you are quite welcome to bring it in and get a photo.

The local creeks have been crabbing well for mud crabs with Mullet being a good bait.
The sand crabs are still in good numbers as are the share farmers who think nothing of checking your pots at the least, let alone taking the crab as well as the pot.

The land-based anglers have been putting in some time trying to get a fish in the local canals and creeks and foreshores, with the best results coming from Tingalpa Creek at the mouth using yabbies or live bloodworms.

We have some great specials in store leading up to Easter and by receiving this report you are the first to see the specials.
If you catch a fish email me a picture to, if you need a question answered email me and I will reply a soon as possible.





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