A regular RAP donator with an impressive NSW North Coast king measuring 109cm.

RAP Reminder: We Want Your Frames!

As the weather starts to warm and the pelagic fish start to move, many anglers will hopefully start to see more kingfish entering their local waters around NSW.

Along with being a fantastic sportfish, kingies are also great on the plate. If you do keep one for the table, you can donate the frame to the RAP to get the most out of your capture.

Here is one of our regular RAP donators with an impressive NSW North Coast king measuring 109cm. This fish’s age was estimated at 6 years old.

Along with kingies the RAP is also looking for frames from mulloway, snapper, dusky flathead, blue spot sand flathead, pearl perch, Spanish mackerel and spotted mackerel.

You don’t need to catch a trophy size fish – the frame from any legal-sized fish from the above list will provide our researchers with valuable data.

As well as playing a key role in a cool fisheries research program, you receive an entry into our monthly prize draw for each frame you donate.

If you are interested in learning more about the RAP, as well as finding out where your local fish frame donation location points are, follow this link:
The RAP is another great example of your NSW license fees at work!

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