Stanage Bay fishing update

Howdy all fishers and visitors to Stanage, the bays, the estuary, islands and reef
Firstly I would like to say a big thankyou to Glen and the boys from the Pacific Villa for sharing some of their fishing pics with us all…thanks guys!\
The road into Stanage is on the up n up with a grader working on it.
The corrugation on banksia and around halfway creek is all but gone.
THANKYOU to whoever is the grader driver and the person responsible for the getting on the the job instead of just thinking about it.
When I was travelling the road last Wednesday nite, whilst the corrugation was all but gone the pot holes were still there…the old story… take it easy, slow down and you will miss them.
The estuary has been on fire for some of the fellas who know how, when and where….dot the I and cross the t….so to speak of fishing Thirsty Sound.
Though it has been way harder to put a feed together than any other year, so too the monster muddies.
What you get should be big, not so full which is a change for this time of year… some species of fish have been early and the muddies have lost their pattern??
queries for you?
Were too many light muddies (B & C grade…they should be illegal for wholesalers to buy) taken early this year, affecting the breeding cycle?
Empty females every size breed with full (A grade) bucks.
Has the pine tree plantation which was planted beside the Stanage Road, on our estuary nursery grounds (where the tiny muddies and tiny fish hangout) depleted a certain amount of oxygen in the water, thus causing problems with the lack of hardening of the carapaces of our muddy?
Haven’t you seen the pine plantation?
Have a look through the native trees beside the road, between the properties Banksia and Torilla.
I think that’s the two boundaries, you maybe able to see it from Google Earth easier?
The Reef and Islands have had their spell, now its game on!
In between the wind, the bigger boats are getting out and doing well.
Whilst I haven’t any pics to share with you at present, I have seen grassy sweetlip, large and small mouth nannygai, coral trout, parrot, stipies and the mighty Spanish mackerel.
A little hint for those who love jigging….the spannos are not taking trolled lures, ribbon fish or gar…rather, being intrigued with the playful jigs.
Til next time, remember there are always cancellations in both the pacific Oasis and Pacific Villa fishermen accommodation “where the real fishermen stay”.

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