Weekend fishing report – Sunshine Coast

Mackerel have been on the chew when the weather has allowed anglers to get offshore.

Changes appear to be the norm this week. We had light winds last week and blustery stormy conditions from Monday onward. This has grounded boats from heading offshore and even makes fishing in general quite limiting.

Fortunately Noosa has some great options for land based fishing and some good area to hide from the rain should a shower pass overhead. The most obvious spots are the bridges like Weyba Bridge. This offers fishing on both sides so you can move about according to the wind. You can fish many styles here and the species list can be extensive depending on tide and time of the day.

Day fishing soft plastics, soft vibes and deep diving jerkbait will see you tempt anything from a small jewfish to flathead. Surface fishing can be explosive here first and last light and little poppers and stickbait worked quickly across the surface usually gets the job done. Look at the new range of Jackall chubby poppers for a great small option.

Bait anglers will do well on bream, trevally and flathead and at night you may be lucky to land a mangrove jack. The obvious structure is the first place a big jack will run to so fish heavy and pull hard so you turn the fishes head away from a certain bust off. These fish are very prone to taking live baits. If you need help with throwing a net we can certainly spend time with you and show you how to throw like a pro.

Away from the bridges the recent rains will have made the river a little dirtier than previous weeks so fishing the incoming tides around the lower part will see the cleanest water. Flatties, whiting and bream will be sitting deep as the cooler freshwater passes overhead. During this time baits will work best as will soft plastics and soft vibes. Look at smaller baits and lures as often fish tend to feed less aggressively during the rains. The new Zip Baits Zoea 49S is the perfect size for lure anglers on the light stuff.

Surf fishing is also on hold due to the swell, but following the last big swell reports of good gutters we can expect there to be a few more. Jewfish will hunt in the rough stuff so if you go out be sure you fish in pairs, especially if on a rocky point or headland. If looking for a strong and lightweight rod check out the Penn prevail range. There are options from 9 foot and up and built to stop big pulling fish.

Freshwater lakes and dams often see the rains drawing fish into the shallows. These fish feed on prey items that get caught and washed out into the main body of water with the flooding rainwater. This is a great time to own a kayak as they give you the ability to push up into super shallow water and quietly. Once here you can pick up fish previously out of range to boat owners. Don’t forget to purchase a SIPS permit before fishing local dams and lakes. The money generated from this goes back into restocking the area and giving you great chances of catching a fish.

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