Trevally, Bream and Crabs around Coomera

Brett our fishing guru will be back from his holidays this week and I am sure will have some fishing stories for us.

In the meantime our houseboat crews and customers have had Northerly’s  to contend with this week but managed to find a feed.  It is looking like a great Saturday with the Northley’s dropping off around lunch time and then changing to South/South Easterlies that will remain with us into Tuesday. 

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Hopefully the S/SE change will help to bring the fish back on the bite after the Northerly’s during the week as we have a large number of vessels heading out on the water to try their luck.

Trevally have been active during the first part of November, as the water warms up we will see more of these bruisers around.  Some spots to try are around Paradise Point bridges, Wave Break Island, Gold Coast Seaway and the Logan River.  Live baits work well, Herring are great bait and are easy to catch using a bait jig or cast net.  Lures like surface poppers or shallow diving minnows will work.

Bream are being caught in Tiger Mullet Chanel, Short Island, Jacobs Well, Tipplers Passage, Aldershots and the North Arm Coomera River.  During the day fish sizes vary from small to medium, the larger Bream have been feeding better at night.  Mullet Gut and Chicken gut work well, worms and yabbies are another great option.

A few whiting have been caught at the North Bedrooms, Gold Bank, Jacobs Well, Wave Break Island and the Coomera River.  Good sized fish up to 40cm have been caught, most fish average from 25cm to 30cm making them a great fish to target for a feed, the kids will have a ball winding them as they put a up a great fight for their size.  Worms and Yabbies are the best bait.

Mud Crabs and Sand Crabs will be worth targeting this weekend with the rain of the past week making them a bit more active, good catches of Sand Crabs have been caught at Dux Anchorage, Curtis Anchorage, Never Fails and the Eastern End of Tiger Mullet Channel.

Mud Crabs have been caught from Jacobs Well, Canipa Passage, Eden Island, Brown Island, Coomera River.  Whole Mullet, fresh fish and Chicken Frames work well.


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