Alix Giles with a 145cm Spanish mackerel caught off Burnett Heads.

What’s Biting Around Bundaberg

With only a week or so left for the kids on school holidays, it should be a good chance to get out and wet a line for the remainder of the break.

Unfortunately, the forecast for the Bundaberg area for the weekend doesn’t look too flash at this stage, with fresh south-easterlies and a few showers predicted, restricting any fishing action to our local rivers and impoundments.

The good news is that most of the rivers are starting to clean up after the rainfall last week.  The run of fresh water has really fired up the mud crabs.  Good sized bucks have been caught in good numbers in all our major systems since the rain.

The prawns have also benefitted from the dirty water.  Good reports have come in from the Baffle and Burnett over the past week.  Hopefully, it’s just the start and we can get out and make the most of it over the coming weeks.

The mackerel have been very active along our coastline this week.  School mackerel have been the main species caught but there’s also been a few massive spanish mackerel cruising with the schoolies.  Trolling large hard body lures and floating pilchards and livies back through a berley trail have been the most popular techniques to catch these speedsters.

Alix Giles with a 145cm Spanish mackerel caught off Burnett Heads.
Alix Giles with a 145cm Spanish mackerel caught off Burnett Heads.

Quite a few barramundi have been hooked up at Lake Monduran this past week.  Locating the barra with a side-imaging sounder gives you confidence that you are in the right spot.  Once you’ve found a point or bay with good numbers of barra on the screen, try using a few different techniques to get the barra to strike.  The most productive lure continues to be the Jackall Squirrel.  These lures are fantastic.  They cast well and are designed to suspend, which keeps the lure in front of the barra’s face, resulting in more strikes.  The catfish don’t mind hitting these lures as well.

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