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Bailey Smith with a nice model snapper.
The author was successful chasing monster  at- head.
The hit is often on the pause and when lifted is mistakenly thought to be a snag, but it is essential that once you feel the hit, get the hook set and keep good contact with the fish during the fight.
The key is not so much the place but the timing.
Once you know how to use it, you can go find your own new ground.
Tips for trophy Gold Coast fish
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tions to start with.
snapper are still in good numbers from Cape Moreton all the way down to the NSW border.
This is so essential and there are fishing apps or angler alma- nacs to assist.
Soft vibes also ac- count for many big models.
There are good size fish anywhere from 40-85m depths and we’ve been able to catch a worthy brace of pinkies on all of our recent trips.
Also, it helps to learn to use your sounder, even if you need to pay and do a course – it will be a good investment.
Remember to let the lure make contact with the bottom.
They have the abil- ity to roll on the hook and spit it if you don’t keep a tight line.
The mark isn’t the key to success.
It will always pro- duce bigger and bet- ter fish than a mark that other boats have smashed all week.
The sight of a 90cm fish boat side is amaz- ing and one you will happily never forget.
Timing is every- thing.
And as you probably already know – good quality fresh, frozen or live baits all work well, so make the ex- tra effort to use it.
Remember to be very gentle with them and let them go safely af- ter a few photos.
It is way more im- portant to follow the moon and tide phases, and make sure you’re there when fish are hungry.
Finally, have a heap of fun and enjoy your fishing.
On the blue water scene, unsurprisingly
Fishing at good bite times will produce sig- nificantly better results.
Everyone wants your GPS mark and when they go to fish there, it turns out to be a dud.
Spend the time to find fish quietly and patiently.
TWaterproof, wireless charger
HE days of able dock and charg- recognised Qi wire- messing with ing begins. less protocol, which phone charger The docks have been is used by global
cables and trying to carefully designed to brands such as Apple,
keep them dry are over, with the release of the ROKK wireless system – the world’s first range of certified waterproof, wireless phone chargers.
have the smallest foot- print possible, so you can mount them vir- tually anywhere on- board your vessel.
Google, HTC, Mo- torola, Nokia, Sam- sung and more.
Compatible with both 12 and 24-volt power systems, this unique charging tech- nology is housed in a fully encapsulated and sealed unit, so there are no messy cables.
The ROKK system will ensure your phone is held securely even in the toughest condi- tions, whether mount- ed on a flat or vertical surface.
So now, whatever the weather, whatever the conditions, you can make sure your phone will be pow- ered up and ready for use – whether that be checking messages or putting out an emer- gency call.
You just put your phone in the adjust-
And the charging is ultra-efficient, with the ROKK system fully certified to the highest standards of the internationally
To learn more, con- tact your nearest Mer- cury dealer or visit the website at mercury
Page 36 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing, November 2020

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