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Bass and saratoga shine at Somerset
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Don’t forget to add a single in-line hook as an assist for your spoon.
to do this – or place in the livewell with a bit of Rejuvenade and a couple of fin weights.
Ensure you use a super slow retrieve – and if you think you’re going slowly – you’re still too fast!
These help keep fish upright, which helps them settle be- fore release.
Earlier in the month, we had a few great morning catch- es on Slider Bass Grub in Plum Glit- ter Chartreuse tail on 1/2oz jigheads.
Be wary – as sum- mer comes water temperature rises, particularly on the surface, so allow for this while your fish are in the livewell.
Redclaw catch- es have been quite good, with nice mod- els sourced.
Due to rising water temperature, from November onwards we’ll start to see tila- pia catches increase, and they are aggres- sive when looking after their young.
You will need to place your pots in 3-4m depths and look for rocky edges that stem into the water.
These need to be destroyed and placed into the fish bins lo- cated at the spit area and the NRMA Hol- iday Park.
We have had re- ports of people hooking up to cod, which is great to see – though please han- dle these fish with care.
We look forward to seeing you and your family in the Som- erset Fishing Tackle shop and will help to make your fish- ing experience on the lake as positive as we can.
We also ask if you’re pulling fish out of water 7-8m deep, you may need to either needle them – we have great videos on our Face- book page on how
Until next month, have fun on the wa- ter, be safe and enjoy the sport.
David Oliver on a morning session with Mr Somerset Brett Klaws.
Pitto got the ball rolling with the  rst cod that crunched the Ecogear ZX40 vibe.
GDaring to be different
’DAY everyone, this month’s ar- ticle is a little
Glenlyon Guide
different because before I give you a summary on what to target in the Tweed River, I would like to share an experi- ence I had recently.
Apparently yellowbel- ly go mad for a ZX40, and when you get ad- vice from the legends of the dam, you take it.
flick for a couple of hours before dark.
Every year I work away and usually guide for a great group of people, heading south to the Clarence River but, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we were not allowed to travel there, so a new plan had to be made.
When we arrived at Glenlyon, we were greeted by the Dares at the kiosk and were giv- en an indepth rundown on the areas we should focus our efforts.
To get the lay of the land, we decided to troll a couple of big deep diving minnows around the points with no suc- cess, and then I spotted fish on the sounder.
After years of read- ing the reports of fellow Bush ‘n Beach Fish- ing writer Brian Dare, we decided on a trip to Glenlyon Dam.
Then Brian asked if we would like to see something awesome.
We swapped rods and flicked out a few ZXs at the spot fish were marking, with the result of three nice yellow- belly hooked as the sun started to set.
This was a big gamble for me as I’m a tidal saltwater guide and have only tried fishing for the iconic inland species of yellowbelly and mighty Murray cod a few times – in rivers, not a dam.
Of course we quickly got back in my truck and followed Brian up towards the dam wall, where we saw something very special – a monster male cod guarding its nest of fingerlings.
After a few beers around the campfire and a great sleep in our clean comfortable cab- ins, we were back on the water early the next morning.
To help with my prep- aration I decided to call Brian and his wife Deb- bie for advice on what lures to take – because I had butterflies and did not want to let my pay- ing clients down.
With the thought of watching the huge cod embedded in our minds, we decided to throw the boat in the water and have a quick
The plan was to mix casting and trolling big lures for cod, which didn’t prove success- ful, so we decided to
To my surprise, Deb suggested we bring our light rods and the Ecogear ZX40 lures I love to use on my usual trips to our local rivers.
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Schools of yellowbelly were marking up on side imaging on the Humminbird sounder.
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