Jason Harrip

Jason absolutely lives and breathes kayak fishing. He now calls Brisbane home, though is originally from Mildura, Victoria. Jason also spent several years in Cairns where he enjoyed chasing jungle perch, barramundi and any other fish silly enough to engulf his presentations. He still remembers the first time he fished from a kayak. He was instantly amazed at the stealth qualities, serenity and areas available to him as an angler. To Jason, the kayak is the ultimate fishing platform and everything else is a compromise. Jason is more at home in fresh water and bass fishing is his number-one addiction.

South Stradbroke Island Kayak Trip

The campgrounds were impeccable, proof that all who visit this place respect its beauty and leave it the way they find it. At this point I should probably point out that you don’t exactly need to rough it over there. I didn’t know this at the time, but the island is well equipped with running water, toilets and a great shower facility. I …

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