This is where you’ll find any articles about getting out in the great outdoors and going camping, as well as camping product news and releases. A favourite pastime among many Aussies, pitching a tent or swag under the stars and fishing, exploring or 4WDing makes for an ideal holiday. Whether you’re getting away for a day or a month, check out the articles below and be inspired to go on an adventure in this great land. l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l

Lake Coolmunda Caravan Park

Lake Coolmunda Caravan

The festive season is on our doorstep again and many of us are looking for a great escape for the holidays. Having three boys, I’ve always looked for somewhere that would be safe, a heap of fun and good value for money – to let them roam free without the influences of phones and computer games. Lake Coolmunda Caravan Park …

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Cape York 2021 – the good oil!

THE closure of state and regional borders virtually overnight is an uncertainty we’ve had to learn to live with over the past year, particularly when related to planning for fishing expeditions. 2020 saw the cancellation of a huge number of trips and dreams, many of which had been years in the planning. Cape good oil Now that overseas visits are …

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Driving into Deepwater National Park

THIS year has been one of uncertainty and will be remembered for many different reasons, but for Tonia and myself it has been an unbelievable year. After selling the farm situated in the beautiful Mary Valley we decided to travel throughout Queensland. Driving Deepwater National Park Our journeys have taken us along the coastline, across to Kurumba and out to …

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Southeast Cape – Cape Melville magic

MY final article on destinations in southern Cape York focuses on the magical Cape Melville area, tucked away in a remote corner of the east coast. This place of stunning scenery features picturesque coastlines and islands set against the rugged backdrop of the Melville Range’s huge granite boulders. The main camping area is within Cape Melville National Park at the …

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Pioneer Platform takes top of the podium in the International Good Design Awards

CREATORS of world-class roof racks and mounting systems Rhino-Rack are proud to announce that their ‘Pioneer Platform’ has received the prestigious Good Design Award Gold Accolade in Australia’s 2020 International Good Design Awards. As one of the oldest and most prestigious international design awards in the world since 1958, the gold accolade, also known as the Good Design Tick, is …

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4WDing into Stanage Bay

WITH August just around the corner, and the snapper and pearl perch spawning closure in place for the first time, I think it’s a great thing and will only help fish stock build up. I have not been fishing for weeks because I lost my mojo with COVID-19 and I’m waiting to head off on my annual fishing trip once …

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Stunning southeast Cape York – part two

LAST month we explored the magnificent country around Cooktown, both south and north. This time we’re diverting down Endeavour Battlecamp Rd and heading towards the wonderful Rinyirru National Park. It is well worth stopping to view the picturesque Isabella Falls, about 6km in from the Hopevale Rd. Now bitumen in places, Endeavour Battlecamp Rd winds through the impressive Battle Camp …

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Kicking it at Coral Bay

I HOPE everyone is staying safe during these crazy times The Western Australia border was still closed at the time of writing this article, though I am sure it will reopen in due course to allow us east coasters the opportunity to venture over to the west coast to explore. A couple of our favourite destinations on the west coast …

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Exmouth and Cape Range National Park have it all

WELL people, still some crazy times with COVID-19 reappearing in big numbers through Victoria, with further restrictions and border closures for that state who are having a bit of a hard time of it – our thoughts go out to Victorians. This month we will talk about our time in Exmouth and Cape Range National Park. As it will be …

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Gearing up for the Cape

gearing up for

I’VE now lived on Cape York for more than 30 years, so I reckon I just about qualify to be called a local! As somebody who has been up and down the main access track, officially known as the Peninsula Development Road, many times, it is often very amusing to read some of the questions posed by those who are …

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