Kayaking Gear

Kayak rack project rejigged

kayak rack kayak trailer

LAST month we stepped through the manufacture of a drop-in kayak rack for my box trailer to allow my kayaks to be transported upright, and launched and loaded without lifting. In the final state as pictured last month, the rig worked perfectly allowing even my heaviest tandem Hobie to be slipped onto the skids without heavy manual handling, as planned. …

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Solar-powered canoeing

solar powered canoe

HOW often in life can you say you get something for nothing? There aren’t many places you can go or many things you can do that won’t cost you something. In fact, I used to think the only way I could move my canoe from A to B without any cost except the sweat off my brow was with a paddle. Turns …

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Perusing pedal-powered Hobie kayaks

BECAUSE my recent annual winter road trips have coincided with the Brisbane Boat Show, it’s been several years since I’ve been able to attend. There was no clashing of calendars this year though, so I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to visit the show. A lap around the show’s four halls in the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre revealed, …

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Aussie ingenuity in the modern age

As you can see, we Aussies tend to be a creative bunch, coming up with ingenious, often simple solutions to problems as they occur. On a less grand scale, often in a suburban backyard shed, anglers too devise imaginative solutions to challenges. Take a look at some of the rigs, cliff gaffs, lure retrievers, surf rods and so on that …

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Dream Kayaks ‘The Beast’ fishing yak

THE Beast fishing kayak is a brand-new model designed by Dream Kayaks. It’s a 3.5m kayak with plenty of stability, perfectly suited to estuary and river fishing. The raised aluminium-framed seat is unbelievably comfortable – far more so than the usual foam seat on most kayaks. The large rectangular hatch right in front of the seat measures 24cm x 32cm …

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Switchbait flathead fishing shirt

THE Switchbait flathead fishing shirt is here. Flathead are Australia’s favourite species and without argument one of the tastiest estuary inhabitants. This Switchbait creation features the dusky flathead exploding from the sand on a weed-lined flat. Fish longer and jig stronger! The Switchbait performance fishing polo has been tested on the water in Aussie conditions, and Switchbait shirts will keep you …

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Essential safety gear for kayaks

A cheaper alternative to an EPIRB are flares. Flares can be bought from most marine shops for about $70. The rules for paddling at night would have to the most ambiguous of all. At present it is only necessary to have an all-round white light when paddling on the Brisbane River. However, at a minimum you should carry a light, …

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Tips on transporting kayaks

Every combination has its difficulties and I usually try a few different ways before deciding on which setup nests together the tightest. Even pairing the big Hobie with a small kids’ kayak is no problem. Adding two or more kayaks to the roof of the car increases drag noticeably and decreases fuel economy, in my experience adding just over two …

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