FeelFree releases Overdrive Pedalling and Motor Drive at ICAST 2016

FEELFREE Kayaks have long been renowned for their innovative features that have set them apart from their competition.

Not to be outdone in the kayak drive market, FeelFree recently unveiled the Overdrive Pedalling and Motor Drive at ICAST 2016.

This new drive is a game changer in the fishing kayak world. The Overdrive system incorporates a pedal and/or electric drive system that will retrofit straight into the existing Lure 11.5 and 13.5 kayaks with sonar pod.

The drive can be bought as a pedal drive only or pedal/electric in the same unit, allowing it to be changed from pedal to electric at the flick of switch.

Overdrive uses propellers for propulsion with a 20:1 drive. The propellers have variable pitch, allowing for customisation to the user’s level of fitness, along with forward and reverse.



Best of all, you do not have to buy a new kayak or take out a second mortgage to enjoy the benefits of the new drive because you can buy your kayak today and upgrade at a later date.

So if you’re serious about your kayak fishing and want to stay one step ahead of the rest, you can’t go past the FeelFree Lure range of kayaks. See them today at Paddle Mad Cleveland. www.paddlemad.com.au

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