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For information on the latest fishing gear and product news updates, you’re in the right place. Our resources allow us access to news and product releases relating to a wide variety of fishing gear – from stickbait rods for big giant trevally on the Great Barrier Reef to the smallest hard-body lures for bream, revolutionary tackle innovations for saltwater and freshwater fishing environ nets, tackle storage solutions and more. If you’ve heard of some hot new fishing gear on the market and want more info, drop us a line at

Inshore snapper on soft plastics


A lot of anglers start their soft plastics fishing journey chasing bread and butter species such as bream and flathead, with the perception that snapper are a more exotic species reserved for anglers with big boats travelling long distances. This is not the case. Over the years, improvements in fishing tackle, electronics and watercraft have seen small boats and even …

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Luring whiting and other species


Hi everyone, as we’re heading into cooler weather, this month I’m going to talk about some great new lures. First though, let’s look at the latest local fishing happenings. It was definitely one of the hottest and wettest summers in southeast Queensland memory. This has continued into autumn and has resulted in the waterways staying quite muddy.   It has …

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Fishing flathead with soft plastics


Flathead really are the people’s fish as they are readily available, eat a wide variety of bait and lures and the next trophy fish could be caught land-based next to the boat ramp. In this article I want to look at key areas to target flathead, a few of my favourite soft plastic presentations and a handful of tips to …

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Selecting a HeadlockZ jig head for your Z-Man plastic


This jig head selection guide is designed to assist you as a basic starting point for selecting a TT HeadlockZ jig head to suit your chosen Z-Man soft plastic. Z-Man soft plastics Z-Man soft plastics offer anglers many benefits including 10X Tough ElaZtech construction, allowing you to catch more fish per plastic and rig them over and over again. And …

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S Tackle all day long


S Tackle has landed. This bold new tackle brand launched at the end of August and is making waves in Queensland and, with its growing number of distributors, is beginning to roll across Australia. The S Tackle premium fishing range was created by passionate Gold Coast fisho Tim Stylianou and includes Drop and Glow sinkers, Glow Strike jig heads, Slay …

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Sensational Samaki Redic 50 review


Hi everyone, it was great to receive at least a little rain in November, to settle dust and subdue bushfires. In the rivers, rain is essential for good fishing, and both Brad and I have seen some excellent catches. At AFTA 2023, I had a preview look at the new Samaki Redic 50 hard-body lure and couldn’t wait for its …

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Getting hooked up on hooks


Ahh yes, the age-old debate of what is the ‘best’ hook to use and what brand has the best hooks. This month, we’re talking about finding a balance between strength and sharpness – to get the performance on point… literally. It’s very easy to focus on the weakness of a hook once it’s failed to do a job it was …

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Continuing Alvey’s legacy


In the world of Australian fishing, there are few names as iconic and cherished as Alvey. Since Charles Alvey produced the first side-cast reel in 1920, Alvey has been synonymous with crafting the most durable and reliable fishing reels in Australia, and we are thrilled to continue the Alvey legacy. We are Gowings – an Australian-owned investment company with a …

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Micro plastics fishing methods


One of my favourite styles of fishing is casting finesse plastics on light gear in shallow water and it always surprises me the mix of species and quality of fish that this technique produces. There’s an old saying in fishing that big lures catch big fish, while small lures catch all fish.   So, for anglers getting into plastics fishing, …

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Soft vibes are worth a try


I hope you’ve pulled the winter woollies out and are planning your next piscatorial pursuit. vibes This month I’ll do a bit of a run down on using soft vibration lures, or soft vibes as they’re called in the ‘biz’. Soft vibes are big business when it comes to the world of fishing. I’ve asked a range of competition and …

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