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For information on the latest fishing gear and product news updates, you’re in the right place. Our resources allow us access to news and product releases relating to a wide variety of fishing gear – from stickbait rods for big giant trevally on the Great Barrier Reef to the smallest hard-body lures for bream, revolutionary tackle innovations for saltwater and freshwater fishing environ nets, tackle storage solutions and more. If you’ve heard of some hot new fishing gear on the market and want more info, drop us a line at

Getting hooked up on hooks


Ahh yes, the age-old debate of what is the ‘best’ hook to use and what brand has the best hooks. This month, we’re talking about finding a balance between strength and sharpness – to get the performance on point… literally. It’s very easy to focus on the weakness of a hook once it’s failed to do a job it was …

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Continuing Alvey’s legacy


In the world of Australian fishing, there are few names as iconic and cherished as Alvey. Since Charles Alvey produced the first side-cast reel in 1920, Alvey has been synonymous with crafting the most durable and reliable fishing reels in Australia, and we are thrilled to continue the Alvey legacy. We are Gowings – an Australian-owned investment company with a …

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Micro plastics fishing methods


One of my favourite styles of fishing is casting finesse plastics on light gear in shallow water and it always surprises me the mix of species and quality of fish that this technique produces. There’s an old saying in fishing that big lures catch big fish, while small lures catch all fish.   So, for anglers getting into plastics fishing, …

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Soft vibes are worth a try


I hope you’ve pulled the winter woollies out and are planning your next piscatorial pursuit. vibes This month I’ll do a bit of a run down on using soft vibration lures, or soft vibes as they’re called in the ‘biz’. Soft vibes are big business when it comes to the world of fishing. I’ve asked a range of competition and …

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TT Fishing War Head

TT Fishing

A heavy duty big fish stopper with a unique keeper system. TT fishing TT Fishing have designed the War Head jig head specifically to suit the Z-Man 6” SwimmerZ. It features an 8/0 extra heavy duty Mustad black nickel chemically sharpened needle-point hook, designed to handle the hardest hitting and toughest fighting sport fish. The War Head is perfect for …

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Wilson Deluxe Scaler Bag


The Wilson Deluxe Scaler Bag is designed to be towed behind the boat with your catch held safely inside. As the two-ring bag sits on the front of your boat’s wake, the tumbling action strips the scales from the fish, making for less mess when you’re cleaning the fish back at the boat. The Wilson Scaler Bag can handle most …

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Z-Man Finesse FrogZ


Z-Man’s bite-size 2.75” Finesse FrogZ features a realistic frog profile and twin paddle feet that create noise, water movement and a bubble trail that predators can’t resist. Rig it for surface fishing on a TT Lures 2/0 ChinlockZ or ChinlockZ Finesse hook, hold the rod tip up and wind the Finesse FrogZ until you hit the magic speed where the …

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Atomic Jigging Bag


With four models to choose from, the Atomic range of jigging bags offers something for every angler. Jigging Bag Folding A two-sided mesh jig bag with four separate jig pockets. Designed for all jigs and accessories, the bag is made from waterproof material. This wallet offers fast access to your jigs and can be hosed out at the end of …

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Black Mamba Spin Rods

black mamba

The beauty and the beast that is TT Fishing’s Black Mamba. At the pinnacle of the spin range, with its stealth black and silver finish and fast actions, Black Mamba rods are designed to cast long, drive your lure effectively, feel the most subtle bites and set hooks solid. Black Mamba rods are built on high performance 36/40T Toray carbon …

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Penn Fathom II Lever Drag and Penn Slammer Braid PE X8


Penn Fathom II Lever Drag Penn Fathom II Lever Drag two-speed reels are compact but loaded with big features. Featuring a full metal body for durability, the Penn Fathom II Lever Drag series offers power and speed in a lightweight package. Now with a new cosmetic and a variety of updates, including the pull-to-turn preset knob to eliminate accidental changes …

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