Squidgy Bio Tough Wriggler


An addition to Shimano’s Bio Tough range is the Wriggler. Combining Dura Stretch toughness with our new synthetic bioplastic, we have been able to merge superior strength and durability with at least 50 percent biodegradability. Shimano Squidgies Bio Tough integrates these features with our existing ultra-violet treatment to further enhance lure presence and ensure your plastic lasts longer. The Bio …

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TT Jig Head Value Packs


TT Jig Head Value Packs are perfect for those getting into soft plastics fishing, as well as experienced anglers looking to top up their jig head kit. Each pack includes a reusable plastic tray containing a selection of quality TT jig heads, hand-picked to suit a specific application. There are seven packs in the range, including the AFTA award-winning TT …

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Continuing Alvey’s legacy


In the world of Australian fishing, there are few names as iconic and cherished as Alvey. Since Charles Alvey produced the first side-cast reel in 1920, Alvey has been synonymous with crafting the most durable and reliable fishing reels in Australia, and we are thrilled to continue the Alvey legacy. We are Gowings – an Australian-owned investment company with a …

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Bassday Crystal Pencil


Introducing the Bassday Crystal Pencil – the perfect lure for your next fishing adventure. The Bassday Crystal Pencil is a high-performance fishing lure that combines advanced technology with innovative design to deliver exceptional results. Made with a durable and translucent body, the lure is designed to mimic the natural movement of baitfish, making it irresistible to predatory fish such as …

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ATC Vandal


The ATC Vandal caters for different fishing applications – from ultralight to heavy casting. Constructed and designed in a wide range of sizes from 1000 up to 6000, the Vandal features a CNC aluminium spool and handle for enhanced durability. The body and rotor are constructed from graphite to keep the Vandal light yet strong, and the Vandal is equipped …

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Platypus Hard Armour FC


The Platypus Hard Armour Leader range includes Australian-made Supple, Tough and Game Leaders, covering nylon leaders from 4-600lb breaking strains. To complete the Hard Armour range, Platypus have now added a quality 100 percent Japanese fluorocarbon leader, designed to suit the most finicky feeders in the toughest environments. Hard Armour FC is virtually invisible in water, for clear conditions and …

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Daiwa 23 Exist SF 1000S-P


AFTA 2023 John Dunphy Award for Innovation Winner daiwa The 23 Exist SF Super Finesse spinning reels are specifically designed for light tackle, with up to 4lb mono and #0.6 braided lines for trout, bass and saltwater light games. Compared to its base 22 Exist spinning, Exist SF has a smaller gear box, shorter spool and lighter rotors to maximise …

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AFTA 2023 Product Winners


Huk Rogue Wave Boots Sometimes, the best fishing is found in the worst conditions. Huk Rogue Wave fishing boots are specifically designed for all-day comfort and engineered for optimal performance in any situation. These slip-on style boots are constructed of incredibly durable neoprene rubber and are carefully designed with positive traction in wet conditions, ensuring stable footing that grabs in …

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Impressive performance by Kingfisher 510 Powercat

After driving by Wynnum Marine several times and noticing a new catamaran-style boat painted in aqua – my daughter’s favourite colour – I was pleased to receive a call from Johnny Milton asking if I wanted to test said boat. The answer was a resounding yes, so plans were made to meet Brent at the Manly Harbour boat ramp and …

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Okuma Serrano Baitcast Reel


The Okuma Serrano baitcast reel is built to stand out from the crowd, with its striking aesthetics and traction-grip technology handle knobs – developed for all-day fishing comfort. These handles are attached to a stylish double paddle 95mm swept handle arm and a compact body, which is built around a 33.5mm machined aluminium black anodised spool. Other features include a …

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