Z-Man Mulletron LT


Hands down the most realistic mullet profile we’ve seen! With an ICAST award for Best Soft Plastic, you know that the Z-Man Mulletron LT is going to turn heads and catch fish. This innovative top hook line-through designed true-to-life mullet profile features 10X Tough ElaZtech construction, photo printed realism and a wedge-shaped tail that presents a fluid natural swimming motion …

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Berkley Clear Top Tackle Box


The Berkley Clear Top Tackle Box is a heavy duty storage case perfect for storing a range of different fishing tackle, wherever you go. Made from a heavy duty PVC material to form a rigid body design, the top of the case is clear for easy identification of contents. Featuring full nylon zips for corrosion resistance, Berkley Clear Top Tackle …

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Z-Man Rattle-Snaker


Z-Man’s innovation continues with the revolutionary new Rattle-Snaker, allowing the insertion of a glass rattle into your soft plastic presentation for added attraction and strike triggers. An ingenious hollow needle and pushrod design makes this insertion process quick and simple. This patented tool consists of two parts that allow the precision insertion of rattles and weights into your soft plastics. …

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Berkley Gulp 2.5″ Grub


The all-new Berkley Gulp 2.5” Grub was painstakingly developed by Berkley engineers in the US to swim on superlight jig heads while remaining up right with minimum tail start up lag. As soon as the Gulp 2.5” Grub hits the water, the tail goes into action, creating turbulence and distributing scent into the water column. The Berkley research and development …

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Daiwa 23 Exceler


The much-loved Daiwa Exceler spin reel range welcomes its most advanced version ever with the release of the 23 Exceler. Featuring Daiwa’s airdrive design technology, the 23 Exceler is the first major overhaul of the popular reel in six years. Sporting Daiwa’s new airdrive rotor, the 23 Exceler is now lighter, more balanced and gifted with significantly less start-up inertia. …

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Daiwa Double Clutch 115EXDR


The iconic Daiwa Double Clutch jerkbait range welcomes its new and deepest running member with the release of the 115 EXDR.  With the EXDR standing for ‘extra deep running’, the new 115 EXDR reaches depths greater than ever before.   Featuring fully through-wire construction to withstand the rigours of heavy duty barramundi fishing, the 115 EXDR dives to depths of …

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Berkley PowerBait Shrimp


The Berkley PowerBait Shrimp was born out of findings from Berkley’s Fish Research Labs in the US. The research and development team tested many shrimp profile variations and discovered that fish attacked offerings with no legs far more than those that had legs. Hence, the new PowerBait Shrimp has no legs for a good reason – fish prefer it that …

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Berkley Telescopic Catch N Release Net


The Berkley Catch N Release Net is a great all-round general-purpose net suitable for a wide range of fresh and saltwater species. The telescopic handle design allows this net to fit neatly into back corner of the boat or under the casting platform when it’s not needed. Features include: Fish friendly catch and release silicone mesh netting with increased depth …

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TT Deluxe Z-Man Bait Binders


The ultimate storage solution for your 10X Tough Z-Man soft plastics is here! binders Z-Man soft plastics are best stored in their original packets and the TT Deluxe Z-Man Bait Binders feature extra heavy duty rings designed to fit the pre-punched, reinforced holes located in the bottom corners of Z-Man packets.   Other features include larger heavy duty zips, carry handle, …

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Berkley Pro-Tech Bazz Bait 80S


The Berkley Pro-Tech Bazz Bait 80S perfectly mimics the erratic action of a fleeing baitfish.   Designed for Australian species and conditions by Berkley engineers with input from Berkley Pro-Team anglers.   The smaller bibbed design gives anglers the perfect tool to fish shallow laydown structures, flats and rock bars with the same suspending super tight action as the deep …

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