Fishing Tips

Tips to target arrow squid

Arrow squid

AUGUST is a bumper month for flathead, flounder, winter whiting, tailor, school mackerel, bream and arrow squid in the Gold Coast Broadwater and the Nerang River. I love catching all of these species for the customers on my daily charters and prefer to release most of the fish, though keeping a few legal fish for a feed is also fine. …

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Less is more with light gear

Light gear

THOUGH horrible weather persists, we managed to get out in June, after the wreck that we will call May! Light gear There have been quite a few days of cold weather, which signifies the return of snapper and the deeper schools of yummy grunter. Fishing around the full moon was fairly good however, I do expect the fishing to get …

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Taming tropical pelagics

Tropical pelagics

My greatest disappointment from the swing to the Greens is that my hopes global warming would bring an end to frosty winters in southern Queensland are dashed… Tropical pelagics Yes, I’m being satirical. Well, if winter won’t leave southern Queensland, then I guess we cryophobes must. (Cryophobia is an abnormal and persistent fear of cold, including cold weather and cold …

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Tips for targeting tailor and tuna

Tips for targeting

Hi everyone, after receiving a staggering 4000mm of rain over summer and autumn at upper Springbrook on the Gold Coast, we have never felt more excited about the cold dry weather of winter. Tips for targeting Though the La Niña weather pattern is forecast to continue through winter and beyond, inland trough systems with associated westerly wind will produce drier …

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Mini Qld lap – Following the coast home

After leaving the crystal blue waters of the Whitsundays, the plan was to spot-hop along the coast until we reached Gladstone, where my wife and daughters would fly home and I would spend a few days fishing with Team Cruise Craft. Exploring It’s moments such as these that having a very understanding wife is great… though my stay in Gladstone …

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An overview of our estuarine crocodiles

The saltwater crocodile is a large and opportunistic hypercarnivorous apex predator. It ambushes most of its prey and then drowns or swallows it whole. It is capable of prevailing over almost any animal that enters its territory, including other apex predators such as sharks, varieties of freshwater and saltwater fish including pelagic species, invertebrates such as crustaceans, various reptiles, birds, …

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Tips for winter species

The temperature is dropping, so I suppose it’s time to hibernate during the colder weather… what do you reckon? Tips for winter species That’s a big, “Heck no!” Tips for winter species Just because you have to put on an extra layer of clothing doesn’t mean that the Capricorn Coast action can’t be smoking hot.     First of all, …

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How to win fishing battles

The weather is cooling fast and we might get to experience a real winter this year. Win fishing battles Though the weather is still rough, with wind and rain wreaking havoc on tours and my aging body. My friends tell me snapper are starting to move and that in close a few squire are lurking ready to smash you on …

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How to troll for flathead

Hi everyone, can you believe it… June already, wow! Flathead trolling Not that I’m complaining – it is one of my favourite months to fish the Gold Coast estuaries. Flathead trolling Species on offer include squid, flathead, tuskfish, sand whiting, winter whiting, flounder, squire, bream, tarwhine and many more. Flathead trolling This month I’ll focus on some flathead trolling tips. …

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How to lure a mulloway

One of the species high on the bucket list for estuary and surf anglers of temperate Australia is the enigmatic mulloway. Lure a mulloway Success with this species – as it is for many other less common angling targets – is perseverance. Lure a mulloway Sticking to the task, spending as many hours as necessary and studying the fish’s habits …

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