Dream Kayaks ‘The Beast’ fishing yak

THE Beast fishing kayak is a brand-new model designed by Dream Kayaks.

It’s a 3.5m kayak with plenty of stability, perfectly suited to estuary and river fishing. The raised aluminium-framed seat is unbelievably comfortable – far more so than the usual foam seat on most kayaks. The large rectangular hatch right in front of the seat measures 24cm x 32cm and is 22cm deep.

This is a massive storage volume big enough for several decent-sized tackle boxes as well as a medium-sized bag. The Beast has two tracks compatible with major brands for attaching gear. It has a dedicated scupper for a transducer with a recess in the hull.

Standing up on this craft is easy, especially from the raised seat. The Beast comes with a rudder with fixed foot pedals, meaning it’s steered with the angle of your feet. You’ll find loads of pics on Instagram if you search #thebeastkayak and there is a closed Facebook group only for Beast owners to share mods, trip stories and so on.

Similar kayaks on the market are twice the price and the Beast comes with a five-year warranty on the plastic hull. For more information, visit www.dreamkayaks.com.au or phone 07 5523 3440.

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