Matt Potter

Ten tips for extended offshore trips

There is nothing I enjoy more than heading offshore for several days and nights and camping out in the boat – when the weather allows. Ten tips for extended offshore trips Sleeping in a small boat is not everyone’s idea of a good time – many people couldn’t think of anything worse – but it’s certainly something I and many …

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Final Torres Strait trip

Torres Strait trip

After 12 years of living and working in the Torres Strait, a job opportunity came up at the end of 2021 and so my wife and I made the decision to move back to Bundaberg, to be closer to family. Torres Strait trip It was all very last minute, so the rush was on to pack up our lives, book …

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FNQ mackerel numbers discussion

LIVING on Thursday Island, I’m fortunate to be able to explore remote parts of Cape York and the Torres Strait regularly. One of my favourite species to target and cook up is the magnificent spanish mackerel, which has certainly been making headlines recently. Spaniards tick many boxes because they can be caught using a range of techniques, they grow big, …

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Cape York set to fire up this winter

IT has certainly been a cracker wet season here in the far north. Cape York and the Torres Strait have received a drenching, which has revitalised the landscape and been welcomed by locals. As anyone who lives in the far north knows, the wet also brings amazing weather windows, where the wind drops completely and the ocean turns into a …

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Chasing dogtooth tuna

WHILE long-range trips exploring remote areas are what I live for, to get a shot at our target species this sortie – the mighty dogtooth tuna – we would have to push further than ever before. These fearsome predatory fish have been on my bucket list for a long time, both on line and spear. Dogtooth tuna Their brutal fighting …

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Build up to the wet

THE last third of the year produced memorable fishing around Thursday Island and the tip of Cape York. As the temperature climbs, the fishing fires up and there are more opportunities to push wider as the strong southeast trade wind begins to abate. As it’s been a while since I penned an article, here’s a quick summary of the fishing …

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Cape York heats up in October

OCTOBER is an exciting time to explore Cape York. Fishing will fire up as water temperature continues to increase. Better weather windows will also present with the build-up to the wet season. This allows avid boaties to travel further and access exceptional fishing. Spanish mackerel will certainly be one target species, which will increase in numbers in the coming months. …

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Boat camping around Cape York

boat camping

IT has been a great start to the year and we have scored cracking weather between wet season squalls and thunderstorms. Boating during the wet can be a gamble, let alone boat camping, because you simply can’t trust weather forecasts and it can turn nasty extremely quickly. The wet certainly came late, with heavy rain and thunderstorms on Thursday Island from mid-February. That …

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Week-long fishing pilgrimage to catch Cape York barra

cape york barra

IN the previous edition of BNB I penned an article on preparations for our annual week-long fishing pilgrimage to chase Cape York barra in the upper reaches of one of my favourite top end river systems. This year’s trip was titled the ‘Cape York 2019- Beer and Barra Classic’. A lot of planning goes into these extended trips, as we …

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