We are Ben Musumeci and Andrew Whitaker from The.Salties. We are based in Hervey Bay, Queensland and do most of our fishing locally throughout the Great Sandy Strait and Fraser Island waters to the freshwater streams and tributaries of the Mary River. We primarily target fish in the estuaries and get out in the bay chasing the big pelagic fish when the weather permits.

Chasing barramundi in the Great Sandy Strait

We find it is best to chase barramundi in the Great Sandy Strait during September and October and again shortly after the closed season (November 1 to February 1). With the warmer water temperature the barra become far more active and aggressive. Water temps around 25C are often best for chasing barra. Anything lower and they tend to be quite …

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Catching Flathead in the Great Sandy Strait

Find whatever you are comfortable with and have a good go at using the various lure types. Flathead will eat anything as long as you put it in front of them. Their nature is incredibly aggressive and they love to ambush baitfish. They will sink down into the sand and lay in wait for bait to swim over before lashing out and swallowing it. Flathead certainly are predatory fish but also very tactical in the way they hunt. They …

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