bigfish gear fish headz

Bigfish Gear new Fish Headz

BIGFISH Gear Fish Headz are multifunctional headwear for your head, ears and neck that can be used for protection from the sun, wind and rain, all while keeping you cool.

Bigfish Gear specifically wanted a garment that was light, cool and comfortable to wear with good UPF protection, hence Fish Headz are made from lightweight, stretchy polyester that makes them easy to breathe through when covering the mouth.

Camoscale – Bluefish

Camoscale Bluefish is a light-blue version of the ever-popular camoscale pattern and great for those wanting to fish in high glare or crystal-clear skies. Bluefish is manufactured in the new full-tube material that is softer and stretchier to wear.

Camoscale – Mirage

Camoscale Mirage is a light-grey version of Bigfish Gear’s unique Camoscale pattern and great for those fishing in overcast or low-light conditions. Mirage is manufactured in the new full-tube material.

Bush Camo

Bush Camo is Bigfish Gear’s very own, unique camouflage pattern, totally generated using Australian bush flora and colourings to help you blend into the natural surrounds. Bush Camo is manufactured in the new full tube material.

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