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Tackle Moreton Bay in November


This would have to be one of the best times of the year, with such a variety of species being available to both on and offshore fishos. In saying that, if you are new to the Moreton Bay area or if you are only starting to venture out into the bay, be very mindful of the weather. Moreton Bay is …

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Techniques for targeting squire


With the temperature warming up, I’ve noticed a definite increase in enquiries to go fishing this month. Let’s hope the weather plays the game and we can all get out on the water a few times over the coming month. Of course, as the water temperature heats up and overall flathead numbers decrease slightly, bigger flathead quantities surge. So, for …

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Getting hooked up on hooks


Ahh yes, the age-old debate of what is the ‘best’ hook to use and what brand has the best hooks. This month, we’re talking about finding a balance between strength and sharpness – to get the performance on point… literally. It’s very easy to focus on the weakness of a hook once it’s failed to do a job it was …

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Tips for successful flatty trolling sessions


With the successful Gold Coast Flathead Classic out of the way for another year, again the results speak for themselves. Flathead are a great option on lures – be they hard-bodies or the ever-popular soft plastics. However, what stood out for me as a distant observer was reading that the four top-placed teams in the Flathead Classic were all in …

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Making the most of Monduran


It’s been a very busy spring on Lake Monduran. A great population of fish and reasonable weather has meant that many anglers had the opportunity to land some lovely fish. With a lot of reports of fish between the 100-110cm range and a few 120cm beasts being landed as well. As always though, not everyone has been as lucky, but …

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Top three species to target during barra closure


For me, it’s the worst time of year again. East coast saltwater barramundi season is closed now for the next three months. It’s tough not pursuing your number one interest but, as they say, as one door closes another one opens. There are three main species that I move my focus to when it’s closed barra season. The first is …

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Time for a mahi mahi switch up


Haven’t had a crack at a mahi mahi or two off the fish aggregating devices yet? Why not? It can be very easy to drive right past the FADS in search of your usual reef fish as the temperature starts to rise slightly, but as a novice to this species and different style of fishing, if there’s something holding you …

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Near extinct trout cod fight back


By the time trout cod were identified as a species in Australia, they were almost extinct. But, according to renowned fish ecologist Associate Professor Mark Lintermans, thanks to decades of conservation efforts, they are on the verge of being upgraded from endangered to vulnerable. University of Canberra’s Centre for Applied Water Science, Freshwater Fisheries Ecology and Management, Assoc Prof Lintermans …

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Targeting saltwater barra in spring


October is an exciting month, though it’s a bit of a sad time too. You see, it’s the final month of the open saltwater barramundi season on the east coast. Which is not easy if you’re an absolute barra nut like me and many other local anglers – to stop chasing a fish you love so much – so make …

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Flathead classic trolling techniques


Because I enjoy the cooler weather, I always feel that winter goes by too quickly. At least it doesn’t get too hot here in spring, plus the fishing is usually excellent. Flathead will be fully on the bite this month, which is good timing for the Flathead Classic that starts on Tuesday September 26. I know I wrote about flathead …

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