Fishing Tips

Flathead classic trolling techniques


Because I enjoy the cooler weather, I always feel that winter goes by too quickly. At least it doesn’t get too hot here in spring, plus the fishing is usually excellent. Flathead will be fully on the bite this month, which is good timing for the Flathead Classic that starts on Tuesday September 26. I know I wrote about flathead …

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Twenty-four seven jewfish


The great thing about being a jewfish angler and living on the Northern Rivers of NSW is that jewfish are able to be caught 24 hours a day, seven days a week – as long as you are willing to be adaptable and change fishing styles and locations as the weather conditions dictate. The headlands around Iluka, Evans Head, Ballina …

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Top times in Tin Can Bay

Tin Can Bay

G’day crew, I trust you’ve been keeping well and enjoying the beautiful crisp mornings, blue-sky days and cold nights of the past few weeks. Tin Can Bay It sure is time to break out the Uggies and beanies – it is getting cold! On the note of beanies, you should pop in to the shop to see our new beanies, …

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Targeting Gold Coast cobia


This month it’s about one thing! Well, a few things but one species… cobia. This hard fighting, great eating and quite often very frustrating target is one of my favourite fish to enjoy on the inshore reefs over winter. So, with that said, let’s get stuck into a few frequently asked questions and basics to get you out on the …

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Tips for fishing winter varieties


This time of year is simply heaven sent. Glassed out cool mornings extending into beautiful sunny days are what mid-winter fishing is all about. And, more often than not, the trip goes well into the afternoon for that hot evening bite. Though I haven’t had as much time on the water as previously because of business commitments, the days I …

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Hot winter species action


July is a great month to chase a variety of species in the rivers and creeks around Brisbane. Flathead, bream and tailor are the most common species that will be about in large numbers. Other species that will turn up are trevally, grunter, jewfish, snapper, cod and threadfin salmon. All of these fish will eat a well-presented lure at the …

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Top tips for releasing snapper

SNAPPER are well known as being one of our most popular sport and table fish. As all keen “reddie” fishos know, these prized inshore sportfish fight hard, look amazing and taste great! These days more and more anglers are choosing to release some or all of their snapper (especially the bigger fish). If you choose to release snapper after you’ve …

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Micro plastics fishing methods


One of my favourite styles of fishing is casting finesse plastics on light gear in shallow water and it always surprises me the mix of species and quality of fish that this technique produces. There’s an old saying in fishing that big lures catch big fish, while small lures catch all fish.   So, for anglers getting into plastics fishing, …

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Soft vibes are worth a try


I hope you’ve pulled the winter woollies out and are planning your next piscatorial pursuit. vibes This month I’ll do a bit of a run down on using soft vibration lures, or soft vibes as they’re called in the ‘biz’. Soft vibes are big business when it comes to the world of fishing. I’ve asked a range of competition and …

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Bay squire and flatties fire up


Well, the fishing this month has been good to say the least, with most trips turning up some very nice fish. Unfortunately, sprinkled in there we’ve had a couple of tough days where the fish just would not play the game. So, I suppose that’s why we have the old saying: “That’s why it’s called fishing, not catching.” You can …

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