Fishing Tips

Inshore snapper on soft plastics


A lot of anglers start their soft plastics fishing journey chasing bread and butter species such as bream and flathead, with the perception that snapper are a more exotic species reserved for anglers with big boats travelling long distances. This is not the case. Over the years, improvements in fishing tackle, electronics and watercraft have seen small boats and even …

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A smorgasbord of bay species on offer


We’ve had fairly ordinary weather over the past three months – so much rain and wind. Some people look at it in negative way, but I see it as Mother Nature enforcing her own closed season. Almost all species have had a chance to recover, so now they should be ready for the picking. All that rain floods our waterways …

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May is fishing magic month


Is it just me or does time seem to be flying by? We were only recently celebrating bringing in the new year and, in the blink of an eye, it’s May already. A few more casts and I’m sure the jolly old fat man will be burning that sleigh around the corner. It’s a timely reminder that, with the year …

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Luring whiting and other species


Hi everyone, as we’re heading into cooler weather, this month I’m going to talk about some great new lures. First though, let’s look at the latest local fishing happenings. It was definitely one of the hottest and wettest summers in southeast Queensland memory. This has continued into autumn and has resulted in the waterways staying quite muddy.   It has …

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Hooking big catches


If there was one single fishing related thing I hate seeing, it’s a hook or lure randomly lying on the ground waiting for someone to step on it. Such was the case when my daughter in-law to be Rebekah Ellis walked into our garage recently and trod on a 10/0 treble that had been lying in wait for its victim. …

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Persistence pays off at K’gari


With trips offshore few and far between for me of late, I jumped at the chance to get up to K’gari for what looked like a nice little weather window. Those who frequent K’gari and beach launch inside Waddy Point would be well aware of the preparation and planning required for such trips. On this occasion, the weather person was …

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Yabbies never cease to fail


Hi everyone, what a long and hot summer it was. Many of us have been looking forward to the cooler weather and it has finally arrived. The long-term average temperature range on the Gold Coast for April is a comfortable 17-26C. In the coming months, from June to November, lures come into play a lot on my daily charters when …

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Fishing flathead with soft plastics


Flathead really are the people’s fish as they are readily available, eat a wide variety of bait and lures and the next trophy fish could be caught land-based next to the boat ramp. In this article I want to look at key areas to target flathead, a few of my favourite soft plastic presentations and a handful of tips to …

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Caring for your catch


In this three-part series, we take a look at those little extra steps that can make a lasting difference to the quality of your fish. for This month it’s all about the thrill to kill then chill, taking into consideration factors such as handling, treatment and storage along the way. In a nutshell, if I was to give every fish …

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Post-rain dirty water tactics

With a lot of rain falling in many regions over the past couple of months, it’s common to be faced with dirty water when you head out for a fish, and this can in turn make the bite tougher. In this article, I want to breakdown a few tactics that have helped me to consistently attract the bite in these …

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