Switching tactics for spotted mackerel

Typically, by February a fever has kicked in on the close reefs, attracting frequent fishos and visitors to wet a line in a melting pot of excitement and frustration. mackerel Yep, you guessed it… mackerel season! With the mackerel run well and truly underway and the southern closures – south of Stanage Bay to the border – taking effect on …

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Fish rich in February


Happy new year… unless you are a fishing guide. The weather continues to be challenging, and therefore, so is the fishing. Where are the masses of spotted and mack tuna? Where are the occasionally annoying school mackerel? Yes, sorry, but have some wind instead – unfortunately, I spent the beginning of December hiding from wind. Thankfully, the small area I …

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Manhandling marlin


It’s marlin mayhem again. I keep the socials fairly marlin free, as I don’t want an armada of boats getting in the way. Even if others are posting, I find that the fire doesn’t need any more fuel. My job is to boat fish for my boat, not encourage more competition. And by the time this is published, it might …

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Taming tropical pelagics

Tropical pelagics

My greatest disappointment from the swing to the Greens is that my hopes global warming would bring an end to frosty winters in southern Queensland are dashed… Tropical pelagics Yes, I’m being satirical. Well, if winter won’t leave southern Queensland, then I guess we cryophobes must. (Cryophobia is an abnormal and persistent fear of cold, including cold weather and cold …

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Difference between spotted and spanish mackerel

Bundaberg Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol officers were conducting routine inspections when they found recreational fishers returning to the ramp with large numbers of school mackerel species. Upon closer inspection officers started to ID juvenile spanish mackerel that had been misidentified as school mackerel. QBFP informed the fishers who were unaware of the basic identification factors. Differences between mackerel species …

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Spinning for mackerel and tuna

Spinning mackerel tuna

Nervous bait appears like rain on the surface of the water before out of nowhere the attack comes from both below and above. Fish fins and teeth carve up the surface of the water and birds descend from above, taking advantage of the hapless baitfish that have nowhere left to run. A quick cast into the melee, a few fast …

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Mackerel arrive in northern NSW

IT’S hard to know where to start… Last month I struggled to scratch up a couple of photos due to the lack of fish I had caught. This month however the situation has changed, with good fish coming from all of, the different fisheries. Offshore hasn’t been easy with swell on the Brunswick Bar, but when we’ve made it out …

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Basking in bait ball action

WELL, it’s that time of the month again – where I whinge about the weather and how tough the fishing has been! Yes, the weather has been tough that’s for sure, and from most reports it’s the same up and down the coast. I find spring is often quite volatile. Heavy from the north as the temperature rises and then …

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Hop onto the headlands!

ANYONE who has caught a jewfish will almost certainly have encountered worms inside the fish. Be it live wriggling reddish nematodes – or roundworms – in the gut cavity or the smaller white spaghetti flatworm trypanorhyncha, both are believed to use jewfish as a host before moving on to another species. Headlands hop While the sight of either of these …

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Fishing therapy in Cape York

TOM and I were motoring up a small side creek on the electric against a slow run-out tide. The waterway was barely a cast wide but had already produced a few feisty barramundi and a couple of bumps from big blue-lipped pikey bream. Overhead, the tops of the mangrove forest were buffeted by typical dry season trade wind but only …

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