Moreton Bay

Local flathead and snapper action


The water around the southern bay islands is getting clearer, but is still rather dirty, especially when we start going south of Macleay Island. So over the past month we’ve tried to concentrate on areas north of that, looking for cleaner water. To achieve this, I’ve only been fishing incoming tides, staying away from the outgoing tides. This means we …

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Persistence pays off in Moreton Bay


Wow, while we probably say it every year, “I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas,” this year has definitely flown by, so Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you for reading my articles for the past 12 months, I hope you’ve enjoyed them. I’ve revelled in spending time on the water and catching fish with family, friends and clients, which helps to make …

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Tackle Moreton Bay in November


This would have to be one of the best times of the year, with such a variety of species being available to both on and offshore fishos. In saying that, if you are new to the Moreton Bay area or if you are only starting to venture out into the bay, be very mindful of the weather. Moreton Bay is …

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Schools of fun in Moreton Bay


Well, school may be out but there are schools of fun to be had in Moreton Bay currently. Two of my favourite species to target in the bay were about in good numbers towards the back end of last year, in the form of schools of winter whiting and school mackerel. Even better, as we get further into January, schools …

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Boat outfitters outdo themselves

What is 2023 going to bring? Hopefully, with a bit of luck, some good consistent weather, but I won’t be holding my breath. I managed only a couple of days on the water since writing my last article. The fishing was quite good, with a few nice flathead caught still, even though the water’s warming up. All the usual techniques …

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Moreton Bay threadfin


Wow, I can’t believe Christmas is just around the corner – it has snuck up fairly fast and another year is nearly over. As we know, the weather this year has been a major factor, with plenty of rain and a lot of wind, getting out on the water fishing was made a little more difficult than normal. Though I …

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Covering old ground


When it comes to fishing, there is always a lot of talk about finding new ground and searching, and yes, it’s definitely a good thing to do. Though something to not forget is the old ground as well. What I mean by this is, ground you found by searching and have caught fish on at some point. My advice, when …

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Targeting fish around snags


October is an excellent month to be on the water in southeast Queensland. Mangrove jack are getting very active and the flathead season continues around the Gold Coast and Tweed areas. Bull sharks will be very lively in the upper reaches of creeks, harassing herring and mullet schools. This month, flathead generally slow down in the local rivers on Brisbane’s …

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Tips for improving your catch in southern Moreton Bay


When conditions were right over the past month, the fishing rated from good to great in Moreton Bay. But when conditions were off, fishing was downright tough. Now, when I get into this article, remember one thing… these are my theories only, whether they’re right or wrong. My opinions have been forged by spending a great deal of time on …

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Moreton Bay fishing magic

Moreton Bay

IT didn’t matter what report you looked at, snapper catches were prolific in June and July this year, prior to the closure. Moreton Bay And it didn’t matter if you were land-based, on a kayak or kicking back in style – quality snapper were being landed left, right and centre! Guy nailed a very nice 57cm snapper when fishing in …

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