Fish Species Guide

Mini Qld lap – Following the coast home

After leaving the crystal blue waters of the Whitsundays, the plan was to spot-hop along the coast until we reached Gladstone, where my wife and daughters would fly home and I would spend a few days fishing with Team Cruise Craft. Exploring It’s moments such as these that having a very understanding wife is great… though my stay in Gladstone …

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Ironman 4×4 Folding Fire Pit

With more camping areas and caravan parks requiring visitors to maintain their campfires in a purpose-built fire pit, it is worth considering having a collapsible fire pit in your collection of camping gear. The Ironman 4×4 new collapsible fire pit has been designed with practicality and functionality, front of mind.     Size always matters The two sizes that matter …

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An overview of our estuarine crocodiles

The saltwater crocodile is a large and opportunistic hypercarnivorous apex predator. It ambushes most of its prey and then drowns or swallows it whole. It is capable of prevailing over almost any animal that enters its territory, including other apex predators such as sharks, varieties of freshwater and saltwater fish including pelagic species, invertebrates such as crustaceans, various reptiles, birds, …

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New dusky flathead and lobster rules

NSW introduces new dusky flathead and lobster recreational fishing rules – effective 1 August 2022. From 1 August 2022 there are new recreational fishing rules for dusky flathead and lobster in NSW. This follows a comprehensive community consultation process which showed strong community support for the proposed changes. The new changes for recreational fishers (line fishers and spear fishers) are: …

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Fish aggregating devices (FADs)


Check out this impressive mahi mahi caught by Bo around fish aggregating device (FAD) 1, just off the Gold Coast. Mahi mahi are one of the most common fish found near these devices, along with other pelagic fish such as cobia. They are also one of the fastest growing fish in the sea making them a resilient fish species. The …

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Gold Coast Coomera – weekly report

Gold Coast Coomera

Hi everyone, hope you are all having a nice week, June has certainly produced some of the best weather we have seen all year and the good news is at the time of writing my report the weekend was looking great for both inshore and offshore fishing off the Gold and Tweed Coasts. I always recommend having the most up …

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Bundaberg – weekly report

Bundaberg weekly fishing report

BUNDABERG OFFSHORE AND INSHORE Bundaberg weekly fishing report The inshore fishing has been all about the snapper, mulloway and grunter, 20g soft vibes slowly lifted off the bottom has been getting plenty of the action. If you’re more into bait fishing you can’t beat using whole squid or mullet fillets. There’s also been plenty of school mackerel on the chew …

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Noosa – weekly fishing report

Noosa fishing

Offshore and sunny – With the continuation of good weather right through, it feels like we are truly blessed to live here. The lack of swell held off with a mid-week SE pulse seeing a few small sets on the bar. With a bit of patience an easy crossing was still achievable for all. Noosa fishing The consistent winds from …

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New Daiwa models

Daiwa 21 Lexa TW A reel that’s synonymous with strength, power and value, the Lexa line-up welcomes a new arrival with the 21 Lexa TW. A step forward in design and performance, the new Lexa features many of the technologies that have made Daiwa baitcaster reels industry leading, with CRBB bearings, EVA knob, UTD drag, and now the T-Wing system …

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Soy and Sesame Chicken Wings

Ingredients 12 large chicken wings 1/4 cup honey 2 tbsp soy sauce 1 tbsp brandy 1 tbsp sesame oil 1 tsp fresh ginger, grated 1 tsp fresh garlic, crushed 1 tsp sesame seeds Method Combine honey, soy sauce, brandy, sesame oil, ginger and garlic. Stir together to make marinade. Place wings in a container. Cover with marinade for 1 hour …

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