Hit the Water on Saturday

After another week of unstable weather with wind and rain putting a dampener on most people’s fishing efforts it finally looks like there is an end in sight with the wind set to start dropping away on Sunday before a glamour start to next week.

The drop in the wind will coincide with smaller tides and will make for a great opportunity to fish spots like Teebar and Seary’s ledges and around Bluff reef. Try getting out early around first light for a chance of a few smaller snapper.

If your planning to hit the water on Saturday try sheltered areas such as Kauri, Poona and Big Tuna as these will all offer a degree of protection against the South easterly winds that are set to reach close to 20 knots through the day.

All going well with the weather set to improve we will have a few more reports over the coming week. Until next time stay safe on the water.


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