Coming in first for Biggest Barramundi (Individual), John Boon from Team Humminbird Minn Kota with a 128cm monster.

2022 Fitzroy River Barra Bash recap

Held on October 16-19, 2022, the Fitzroy River Barra Bash was a great success.

Day 1 recap

On the board were 67 barramundi – six of those coming in at the magic 1m mark – a huge effort by our anglers!

King threadfin were also out in abundance, with 28 on the tally board.

The biggest barramundi recorded for Day 1 was 107cm, caught by Arron McDonald from Barra Havoc.

The biggest threadfin for Day 1 was captured by Boden Spice from Spice Brothers and came in at 136cm.

With the challenging weather conditions and the abundance of water coming through the system, these numbers were an excellent start to the competition.

Shaun Carrick, one half of team Barra Mafia, winners of Most Metres of Barramundi (Team Total).

Day 2 recap

Another huge day on the water and some cracking catches!

Bringing the total to 123, another 56 barramundi were caught and taking the total to 59, another 31 threadfin salmon were hooked.

Two barra made their way into the magic 1m category in Day 2.

The biggest barramundi for Day 2 came in at 101cm, caught by Adam Finlay from Team Big Gimp.

The biggest threadfin salmon for Day 2 measured 137cm, caught by Boden Spice from Spice Brothers.

Mitchell Anderson of team Barra Mafia.

Day 3 recap

Despite the shorter fishing day, our anglers managed to reel in some outstanding catches.

Another 41 barramundi were recorded, bringing the total to 164, along with an additional 10 threadfin salmon also recorded, bringing the total to 69.

A total of 12 barra across the three days were over 1m and the biggest barra of the comp was caught on Day 3, coming in at 128cm – an absolutely epic catch by John Boon from Team Humminbird Minn Kota.

Day 3 was the day for big fish, as the biggest threadfin salmon was also recorded, measuring 147cm – a monster of a fish, landed by Louis Moore from Keen as Mustard.

Mitchell Anderson – half of team Barra Mafia – won the team total with 997cm.

Presentation dinner

After a long and wet few days on the water, our anglers were itching to kick back and relax at the presentation dinner, hosted at the Frenchville Sports Club. Joined by local dignitaries and sponsors, the room was packed with our biggest attendance yet.

Event MC Steve Lill invited anglers to share their stories of their days on the water. There were many laughs and the atmosphere was filled with excitement over who had managed to pick up the top awards or raffle prizes.

The night was a fitting end to a great competition.

Second place for Biggest Barramundi (Individual), Arron McDonald of team Barra Havoc with a 107cm cracker.


Biggest Barramundi (Individual)
1st – John Boon (Team Humminbird Minn Kota) at 128cm
2nd – Arron McDonald (Team Barra Havoc) at 107cm

Most Metres of Threadfin Salmon (Team Total)
1st – Spice Brothers (Boden and Fabian Spice) at 1711cm
2nd – Jiggerly Jiggers (Brock and Wade Santacaterina) at 1069cm

Biggest Threadfin Salmon (Individual)
1st – Louis Moore (Team Keen as Mustard) at 147cm
2nd – Boden Spice (Team Spice Brothers) at 139cm

Most Metres of Barramundi (Team Total)
1st – Barra Mafia (Mitchell Anderson and Shaun Carrick) at 997cm
2nd – Bent Poles (Troy Newman and Ben Gilbertson) at 947cm
3rd – Gone Nuts (Mark Boss and Steve Nutall) at 708cm
4th – Castaic/Edge Rods (Dustin Sippel and Skye Gibson) at 533cm
5th – Idnumarrab Brothers (Steve Lill and Luke Bragg) at 472cm
6th – Bluefin Sports (Paul Thompson and Bryan Pisani) at 454cm
7th – Edge Rods/Lucky Craft (Colin Brett and Michael Slide) at 446cm
8th – Humminbird Minn Kota (John Boon and Luke Piesker) at 405cm
9th – Team Venom (Nathan and Cale Archer) at 380cm
10th – Team Zerek (Clint Fannin and Nick White) at 376cm

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