21 Saltiga Tournament 15/24

AFTA 2022 – Best game fishing rod.

ALL new casting performance with the new range of Saltiga rods specifically designed to match with the king of offshore spinning reels – 20 Saltiga.

A dedicated range of offshore casting models, the new range of Saltiga rods has seven models, each catered to its own specific purpose to target hard-fighting sportfish throughout the world.

The core of the new Saltiga range of rods is Daiwa’s X45X Full Shield carbon technology.

With significant improvements to torsional stiffness of the rod blank, X45X Full Shield means the rods will resist twisting forces, storing more potential energy and ultimately releasing that energy into the cast when the angler lets their finger off the line.

The benefits of X45X Full Shield don’t stop there either, when working lures as poppers or stickbaits, the blanks ability to resist twisting and deformation means every inch of effort the angler puts in at their end, is transferred through the blank to make lures swim easier and more efficiently than ever before.

Fuji stainless steel silicon carbide guides with reversed stripper guides give the best possible casting performance and heavy-duty Fuji reel seats with locking nuts secure your chosen reel with confidence.

A truly dedicated range of topwater casting rods, there is no doubt the new Saltiga range will put trophies in the boat for anglers all across Australia.

Whether your game is kingfish or tuna down south to giant trevally and mackerel up north, the new range of Saltiga casting rods is built to break your record.

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