Atomic Semi-Hardz Tims Prawn

ATOMIC Semi-Hardz are soft lifelike lures in minnow and lipless shapes and they are extremely popular for targeting a wide range of species, from snapper offshore to bass in impoundments.

This is partly due to the wide range of retrieves that can be used and the variety of depths they will work in. The Atomic Semi-Hardz range was one of the first and continues to be at the leading edge of these lure designs and materials.

Prawns are a staple for feeding fish in all depths of water and it makes sense that the Atomic Semi-Hardz range adds a colour already present in the iconic Atomic Hardz range. Tims Prawn, a shrimp pattern, quickly became a go-to for anglers all over the country when it was introduced in the Hardz line-up and now that popular natural colour is available in the full range of Atomic Semi-Hardz Vibs in 40, 50, 60, 75 and 110 as well as the Minnows in 40, 55 and 65mm models.

Semi-Hardz can be fished from the surface down to any water depth, making them usable in a wide range of conditions and for a huge range of species. Atomic’s ambassadors have already used the lures to land whiting and flathead through to offshore favourites including snapper and pearl perch, and even coral trout.

They are particularly effective on jewfish. Tough rubber construction with a wire running through the lure allows them to stand up to even the toughest adversary.
RRP from $13.95.

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