Austackle Gizmo Crustacean

THE Austackle Gizmo Crustacean is a versatile, yabby-like twin spin that uses the flash and vibration of its blades to attract fish.

Weighing in at 14g or 1/2oz, this lure is ready to use out of the box or be rigged with a plastic. Featuring flexible wire arms, a snag-resistant ‘W’ hook, keeper for holding a soft plastic, UV paint and an extended main hook that reduces short strikes, the Gizmo Crustacean is sure to attract fish and then keep them hooked.

Suggested retrieves include slow rolling, crawling along the bottom, hopping, dropping through schooled fish and burning through structure or above weeds and then letting it fall – all the while harassing and tempting predators with its spinning blades.

Gizmo Crustacean with Paddleworn jpg

Gizmo Crustacean Gold Rush etched jpg

This lure is often hit on the drop. When rigging, you can adjust and tune the wire arms to suit your retrieve.  For example, for a slower retrieve or a tentative bite, try bending the arms slightly towards the hook.

For trolling, burning and faster retrieves, bend the arms 45 degrees away from the tow point, towards the hook.   Adding an optional soft plastic tail increases the presence of the lure in both size and vibration and creates more drag to lift the lure and slow its rate of fall.

The Austackle Gizmo Crustacean is suitable for use on many species including bass, golden perch, cod, redfin, flathead, jew, snapper and more. See the full range at

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